East Stoudsburg Speedway
Photographer: Doris Lemasters - Photos provided by Dan Lemasters
Notes under each photo provided by Ray Lemasters

My niece Barb wearing Norms helmet.

My brother, Norm Lemasters on track.

Norm #K9, and the #00 of Bob Armstrong of Hackettstown in a 1938 Ford coupe

The pack coming off turn 4 with Norm going for lead

Backstretch at East Stroudsburg.

Doris standing by K-9 and Norm holding a trophy (they weren't married yet.
Norm had back-to-back wins Memorial Day weekend.

Additional notes from 3Wide:  According to "The History of America's Speedways" by author Allen Brown, East Stroudsburg was also known as Stroudsburg Fairgrounds, and and as New Stroudsburg Speedway.  Located next to an airport on Rt. 209, the track was in operation from 1951 - 1959 and featured both a 1/5th dirt oval, and a 1/2 mile dirt oval.

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02.12.19 Steve Pados Airport in Stroudsburg cut through the old race track when they extended the runway. The track operated sporadically between 1951 and 1959 and was closed for a time in 1955 when the Hurricane Diane flood made life miserable for the East Coast. It did open later that summer but the speedway was always plagued with financial problems. The Army Core of Engineers put a pontoon bridge over the Brodhead Creek to re-connect the two Burgs and our Dad towed across it with the stock car and the cops gave him a royal ass-chewing.

When I have the chance I will dig out the old press clippings and figure out how to send them to you. They are in bad shape as they have all turned yellow through the years. I am not sure if I have any pics. I do have a checkered flag from when the feature winner used to throw the flag into the grandstands........a practice that would more than likely cause big problems today. Even though the flag was signed by the winner that day, Smokey Dengler and the starter at the time Craig Mellinger, they are barely visible through the length of time.

I do believe Pat Ciambrello promoted it for a time and Tommy Grbac did as well. Mike Grbac took his first ride in a stock car one time we were there driving Willard Mohn's potent number 75. Mohn later became a police chief in the borough of Stockertown.

I hope this helps


Steve Pados

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