Elton's Birthday Gathering - October 5th, 2007
Information provided by Russ Dodge.  Photos by John Seyler
A surprise party was held for Elton "Wild Man" Hildreth at Gia's Suburban House in Bridgeton, on Friday, to celebrate his 90th birthday. Elton, the all time winner at the Vineland Speedway started his career in NASCAR in the early fifties, switching to modified racing exclusively in 1957, when he fielded his first orange and black 16-J. Vineland, Old Bridge and Nazareth would be considered his home tracks, while he competed at many others. Elton still displays the characteristics that earned him the name "Wild Man".   Many stories were shared at the party about his adventures both on the track and off. It was a wonderful afternoon honoring one of racing true legends.

Elton_90_3.jpg (86583 bytes)
Elton's 39... again! 

Elton_90_1.jpg (106365 bytes)
AARN's Earl Krause congratulates Elton.

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Elton tells his friends of his first racing experience, 76 years ago!

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Driver friends who raced with Elton 50 years ago ; Steve Elias, Elton, Sal Moschella, Bunky Higbee and Larry Voss.

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Peggy Flake (back to camera)and Kriss Marcacci congratulate Elton.

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Sons William and Doc enjoy the birthday party with their Dad.

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