Photos From the FSHS Car Show

October 19th, 2013

A Ken Johnson #64 owned by Joe Henshaw

Folks checking out the racecars on display

"Streetable Stocker"

Fast Fitz Flyer

Good guy and former sportsman competitor Richie Miller was on dust control duty

Any guesses whose hood that is?  (Answer:  see car below)

Terry Ziegler with his #44 Cozze Coach with Ricky Rutt, who has spent quite a few nights wheelin' the #44...

TQ's from back in the day...

More for the open wheel fans...

Owner Dick Briggs let us take a look under the hood off the #24

Midget "Mysery" from the mid 60's

...It is thought to be the car in this mid 60's photo from Old Bridge, NJ.

Lots to look at...  Always like the engine setback on the the #XL-1.

Flemington asphalt racer of John Menzak III

"Cool" rides next to the Art's Radiator and Welding tent.

Speaking of "cool", nobody has helped racers keep their cool more than Art Lentini Sr (right) and Art Lentini Jr (left).

Flyin' the Flag...

Business was good at Fred Voorhees' custom wood creations display...

I don't know what in the heck it is, but it looks fast as hell!

...And this one looked like it was doing a wheelie just sittin' there!

Joe Opitz's original Toby Tobias racer

The Hayes & Liss Sprinter with wheelman Billy "The Ace" Humphrey listed as the pilot.

The Henshaw folks do a lot to support the history of the sport and a lot to support the FSHS!

The John Kumernitsky #63 Coupe


Check out that steering set up on the #76... and then check out the Alperi "White Phantom" and other interesting stuff in the background...

Modern' day racer with a cool 80's Davey Allison style paint scheme on the #28.  All that's missing is the "Havoline" in gold letters on the 1/4 panel!

New Egypt rookie stand out Chuckles Stone had the Hoff's Electrical Service sponsored #10 on display.

Hopewell Fire Dept. had one of their vintage truck on display... Speaking of vintage, that's "Pyro52" in the white shirt Laughing...   Fellow Hopeweller's Tom and Tommy Carberry stop by to say hello.

Thank you to the sponsors of the 2013 FSHS Car Show!

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