Tas Retires.

By:  Lee Samuels
(possibly originally posted in Area Auto Racing News)

While at the Racing Nostalgia Night at the August 2006 Reading Fair, Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society Historian Mike Schaub showed us a few wonderful scrapbooks that he had recently purchased filled with years and years of racing history, all organized by date, with each year being in a separate binder.

The scrapbooks were filled with many interesting pictures and clippings, but one that especially caught our eye had the article below announcing when Al Tasnady announced his retirement.

We are not sure what paper the clippings were from, but the writer of the article is Lee Samuels and we appreciate that he captured this moment in writing so that we are able to reference his work.  (We are assuming that it is from an Area Auto Racing News, April 1973, but if anyone knows for sure which paper and which date this article appeared originally, please email us so that we can include that information. - PLEASE ONLY PROVIDE IF YOU ARE SURE.)  Thanks, 3Wide

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08/18/06 John L. Polson Continued great job! I am not positive but Lee Samuels used to write for the Gloucester County Times in Woodbury, N.J. (paper was previously known as the Woodbury Times.) I have a couple of articles from back in the day and I believe he was the writer.

Maybe someone knows where to locate him or can check with the Times. They probably would have it in the archives if it was in that paper. Anyway its a lead.
09/09/06 Ralph J. Richards, JR Lee is in Las Vegas and was doing boxing the last I heard. He was the sports writer for the Woodbury Times in the 1970's and coverd auto racing for them. He has written many articles on Bridgeport Speedway in the early years. He was from Pitman, NJ and followed Herb Vail to Reading often. The Gloucester County Historical Society has the old WoodburyTimes papers on file and can be copied if anyone wishes to have a copy.

Thanks, Ralph J. Richards, JR.

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