"Flemington Reunion 2005

Thank you to all the drivers, car owners, crews, officials and fans for being a part of the June 11th 2005 Reunion Event.

  Here's more of the action from June 11th, 2005

Flem_re_06.11.05_001.jpg (141831 bytes)
Frank Eppolite's #1
Flem_re_06.11.05_003.jpg (143256 bytes)
#3 Replica... it's a beauty...
Flem_re_06.11.05_010.jpg (134086 bytes)
Liss's #10 with Zilli & Spurlin looking on

Flem_re_06.11.05_21_303.jpg (141644 bytes)
Dmuchowski & Neary with Ron Bailey

Flem_re_06.11.05_042.jpg (150381 bytes)
Looks good from any angle - Dave Spurlin's #42!

Flem_re_06.11.05_93_42.jpg (126270 bytes)Ted Brook's #93 (George Taylor owned/Dick Haven's Driven)

Flem_re_06.11.05_303.jpg (144498 bytes)

an old friend...

Flem_re_06.11.05_303_15.jpg (169902 bytes)

Fred's #303  along with Goop's signs and the #15

Flem_re_06.11.05_flag.jpg (114979 bytes)

Autographed Reunion Flag won by Bob Pickell!

Flem_re_06.11.05_booth.jpg (141070 bytes)
Vault Visitor's stop by our booth, spruced up by Ray Neary's Polecat #39!

Flem_re_06.11.05_LISS.jpg (146077 bytes)

Thanks Ray Liss for stepping up when it was time to raise a few $'s for the Bill Singer Fund - Thanks Ray and Loretta!

Flem_re_06.11.05_midgets.jpg (160134 bytes)

Great looking open wheel cars....

Flem_re_06.11.05_vettes.jpg (150232 bytes)

Modified car owner Dom Ragno brought a couple of his vintage Vettes..

Flem_re_06.11.05_graul_1.jpg (118752 bytes)

Artist David Allen Graul had some of his drawings on display... (the absolute best I've ever seen...)

Flem_re_06.11.05_graul_2.jpg (116947 bytes)

A few more original drawings by David Allen Graul

All of these photographs are property of us!   Please contact us here at the Vault and I'll email you a jpeg at no charge....   Or if you'd like, you can provide a small donation to the Kingston Kemp Funeral Home in the name of Bill Singer.

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