"Flemington Reunion 2005

Thank you to all the drivers, car owners, crews, officials and fans for being a part of the June 11th 2005 Reunion Event.

  Here's the action as captured through the lens of photographer Bobby Armbruster:

FL ba 1.jpg (134303 bytes)
Kline, Beavers, John & Pat Norcia
FL ba 10.jpg (156866 bytes)
Billy O signs a helmet for Clint
FL ba 11.jpg (134364 bytes)
Rick Kuhl & Billy O
FL ba 12.jpg (220583 bytes)
Frankie Ride's Again!
FL ba 13.jpg (180300 bytes)
Originally #303 Coupe from 1974!
FL ba 14.jpg (254482 bytes)
no caption needed...
FL ba 15.jpg (228291 bytes)
Drivers Meeting...
FL ba 4.jpg (259950 bytes)
Cars, Drivers, Memorbilia...
FL ba 5.jpg (283375 bytes)
Dave Spurlin's gone back in time!
FL ba 6.jpg (196915 bytes)
Ed Farley signing
FL ba 7.jpg (102448 bytes)
Sammy Beavers and Ray Liss talk about times old and new
FL ba 8.jpg (115655 bytes)
Manny Zilli and Dave Spurlin -  (nice hat Dave...)
FL ba 9.jpg (172568 bytes)
Next Generation... Grandaughter in the #2!
FL ba 2.jpg (287535 bytes)
Original Les Katona #K3 from Kyle and Goop
FL ba 3.jpg (195551 bytes)
John "Goop" Mondello with original signs... (How much for porkroll?)
FL ba 16.jpg (290418 bytes)
Driver's Meeting... again!
FL ba 17.jpg (121469 bytes)
"Stan The Man" sharing a few words with Ron Bailey
FL ba 18.jpg (188754 bytes)
Rich Scott checking out the #2's pit stall!
FL ba 19.jpg (123603 bytes)
John Norcia, Don Stives and Ace Lane -  3 guys that have to be on everyone's list when it comes to our sport!
FL ba 20.jpg (85150 bytes)
Vault favorite Red Coffin looking at a picture of... Red Coffin -  The picture showing a bad spill in the #22...

All photographs are property of the photographer.  Please contact Bobby at  BArmbr6493@aol.com to purchase a high resolution original photograph

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