"Flemington Reunion 2005

Thank you to all the drivers, car owners, crews, officials and fans for being a part of the June 11th 2005 Reunion Event.

  Here's more of the action from June 11th, 2005 as captured by Ace Lane Jr.
(Click on each thumbnail for a better view)

DSC_0032[1].jpg (54602 bytes)
Billy O'
DSC_0034[1].jpg (54345 bytes)
Restored Ride!

DSC_0062[1].jpg (45996 bytes)
DSC_0069[1].jpg (75250 bytes)
The HUGE Indoor Facility!
DSC_0049[1].jpg (65597 bytes)
Group Photo
DSC_0058[1].jpg (60219 bytes)
2nd Group Photo
DSC_0038[1].jpg (39490 bytes)
Ron Bailey Looks Over the Prize List
DSC_0046[1].jpg (44086 bytes)
John Norcia & Don Stives
DSC_0047[1].jpg (44746 bytes)
Freddie Adam & Bob Pickell
DSC_0048[1].jpg (60390 bytes)
Bob Pickell Chats With Ron
DSC_0059[1].jpg (39874 bytes)
Ron Bailey Interviews Ray Neary & Fred Dmuchowski
DSC_0070[1].jpg (74836 bytes)
Mark Fusco  Arrived in Style
DSC_0072[1].jpg (68644 bytes)
V8 Boss Hoss

All of these photographs are property of Ace Lane Jr.   The resolution has been reduced to save space on the website.  Please contact Ace at acelane2@optonline.net  to purchase a high quality (clear) original prints. 

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