Dave Spurlin Recreates the Past...

Dave Spurlin has done what many of us only dream of....

We've all lost something..., or sold something..., that at one time meant a lot to us... but for whatever reason, we sold it, or sometimes maybe even just threw it away.

But as time went on, we realized how important that something was.  Most of us stop there with the familiar "I should have keep that....", or "I wonder whatever happened to...."

Dave didn't.

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After years of wishing he had never sold his Fisher Chassis, 36 Plymouth Coupe Sportsman racer that he competed with in 1980 at Flemington, and finding out that the orginal car had been scraped, Dave did the next best thing....  He recreated it... bend for bend... bolt for bolt...

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Vault Thanks to Dave Spurlin for putting in all the hours to have the #42 ready for the June 11th Flemington Reunion Show.   Its a real show stopper!

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