The Final Visit to Flemington Speedway

Some will say the end occurred when the final race was held a few years ago.  Many will tell you that the end of Flemington Speedway began when the checkered flag waved on the final dirt race in 1990.  

We all knew it was over... even the most optimistic knew the area no longer wanted her.  

But as illogical as it seemed, there was something about the majestic grandstand that remained standing through it all...  Something that wouldn't let many of us accept the obvious... the inevitable.

The Grandstand is now gone.  It was the last to go.  And with that, we have made our last visit and have said goodbye.


Photo's From Flemington, NJ
January 6th, 2005

c01.06.06_FLEM_outta_4.jpg (191208 bytes)
"Angling out of 4"

c01.06.06_FLEM_1st_turn.jpg (169177 bytes)
"Down the front."

c01.06.06_FLEM_1st_turn_tower.jpg (132019 bytes)
"Into 1 they go..."

c01.06.06_FLEM_4th_work.jpg (166355 bytes)
Grandstands, Crows Nest, Catwalk... Decades of Memories.

c01.06.06_FLEM_last.jpg (159880 bytes)
"Last piece standing..."

c01.06.06_FLEM_gone.jpg (159589 bytes)
Minutes later...

c01.06.06_FLEM_done.jpg (159741 bytes)
...and it becomes a memory too.

c01.06.06_FLEM_4thturn.jpg (158256 bytes)
They removed the steel... They'll remove the blocks... But they'll never get our memories.

c01.06.06_FLEM_Tower.jpg (110938 bytes)
Relieved of duty, the tower will stand guard no more.

c01.06.06_FLEM_lights.jpg (173766 bytes)
The lights are out at Flemington..

January 6th, 2006

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