Brian's Story:  A Kid, a Speedway and a lot of Heroes 

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photo by:  Bob Farlee - photo provided by Russ Dodge

(Intro to "Brian's Story" by 3-Wide)

Whether you're in your 30's, or 70's or anywhere in between, for many of us, Flemington Speedway was a big part of our youth.  It was the constant in our life. While others had Little League or Band Practice, we had our own team.  While we didn't all huddle up and know each other by name, we all did belong to something special, and we all had that in common...   Going to the track each Saturday was our reward for working or going to school all week long.  It was our time to be excited and to relax - to be thrilled and sometimes even scared - to be sad and to laugh - It was a time for us all to dream.  It was our time to live.

I would like to share with you the most complete recap I have seen of the great days of the 70's and 80's at Flemington Speedway as written by a fan.  A fan who you will very soon feel was sitting right next to you in the covered grandstands, or maybe in between turns 1 & 2.   In fact, I guarantee that after only a few paragraphs you'll be saying "I know exactly what he means", or "I can't believe it..., I remember when that happened too!" 

The Vault would like to thank Brian for sharing his thoughts.  We would also like to thank Scott Pacich who pens the column "Under the Radar" which appears each week in the "Area Auto Racing News" for reminding us all about the great history of our sport, and whose writing brings out the type of memories that we all share here in the "Vault".  The recap provided here will sound a little familiar to those regular readers of Scott as a condensed version of Brian's Story appeared in his column.   Again, thank you to Brian for writing it, and thanks to Scott for making it a little easier for us to all remember the past 

Thanks, 3-Wide


Introduction and Background

1970 - 74
1975 - 79
1980 - 84
1985 - 89
The Beginning of the End

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