Flemington Racing Reunion and Collectables Show
May 21, 2006
All photos from Jesse Macfarlan (aka 1 1/2 Wide!)
05.21.06_FLEM_RE_002.jpg (156808 bytes)
Frankie Schneider's beautiful #2 complete with the "Frankie's Sausage Bar" logo on the 1/4.

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_07D.jpg (200554 bytes)
Long time Flemington dirt and asphalt supporter Dean Gulick's #7D

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_019.jpg (185056 bytes)
Former Kenny Brightbill #19 is now part of Jacobus Motorsports!

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_026.jpg (174803 bytes)
Ed Farley's original #26... still looking... original! (And we like it that way!)

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_044.jpg (146803 bytes)
Tom Partite's tribute car to Al Tasnady....(You should see the matching hauler too!)

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_049.jpg (156611 bytes)
Tom Node's nicely painted #49 (painted the way Tom's racers looked in the late 70's).   Looks like Bob Burd and Dan Rhein might be ready to take it for a spin...

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_074.jpg (187914 bytes)
Somehow, Joe Poliacek's original Gremlin bodied "Green Stuff" #74 survived the 80's and 90's!

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_081.jpg (169704 bytes)
Last I heard, this car was for sale...  And if I had a garage big enough... and enough nerve to ask my wife if I could have another vehicle.... (well you get the idea.)   She's a real looker!  (My wife is too just n case she reads this...)

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_111.jpg (147024 bytes)
Talk about "good looking..." How about this Archie Myers #111!   The car is lettered up with Glenn Fitzcharles' name as the driver as Glenn also campaigned the #111 at one point.  (Can't help but mention the time I went home one night from Flemington with Archie's driveshaft as a souvineer ...  I had scoped it out earlier in the evening after Archie had crashed in turn 1 and I saw a guy on the wrecker crew throw it over the wooden fence..  As soon as the races were over and they opened the gate, I headed straight for the spot where I thought it would be and THERE IT WAS!   Should have seen this 11 year old kid wrestling with a heavy driveshaft en route to the back of dad's pickup! - Sure hope Archie's still not looking for it...)

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_HAW.jpg (194894 bytes)
No decals.... no sponsors...  just a # and a name.  Stan Hawk reminds us of how most cars looked when it was more about man and machine and less about sponsors and speedshop parts.  Another one of my favorites.

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_CLA.jpg (159288 bytes)
Quite a conversation piece...  A vintage racecar with paintings by Clark Angstadt of the racecars of yesterday.

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_MID.jpg (184188 bytes)
Can't remember if it was Abbott and Costello or East Side Comedy but the conversation went something like this:
"I race Midgets."...
  "Oh you do huh.... Why don't you race someone your own size?"

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_BRE.jpg (83325 bytes)
Ken Brenn Jr. was on hand... I think Kenny enjoyed  watching a DVD we had playing from 1982 with him taking the feature win in the Trenton Mack #74 Grant King Car.  Was there ever anyone smoother in a racecar?  An owner's dream... Kenny rarely took it in on the hook, and most often was near the top at race end.  Thanks for being at the event Ken.

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_LIS.jpg (78063 bytes)
Remember those cool little Gremlin's with the smile face painted on the side?  Well, Ray Liss is still smiling!  Turns out that in addition to being a great Sportsman runner at Flemington, Ray was involved behind the scenes building quite a few cars that went round and round at the square back in the day.  Pretty talented guy, and yup, the smile is from the core!

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_PAU.jpg (111917 bytes)
Billy Pauch and Sammy Beaver's hang out by Oscar's Goop's homebase.   Sammy got to enjoy a moment inside earlier with friends and fans watching a DVD with him taking a very impressive heat race win in the Black Horse Racing Team #81 Gremlin.  For those who haven't seen it, Sammy does an almost impossible last lap outside sweep pass between turns 1 & 2 around a very surprised Ken Brenn Jr!

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_BAR.jpg (151052 bytes)
I could be wrong, but it look's like Goop is lobbying to see if Billy Pauch might be interested in joining the Oscar the Grouch Motorsports stable, along side current team hotshoes John "Goop" Mondelli and Lance in the #K3!

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_APP.jpg (109735 bytes)
Sportsman #69 and Modified #68, #9 & #400 competitor Dean Applegate talks shop with former racer and current Vintage Car builder Bill Lowden..

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_SCH.jpg (58949 bytes)
Frankie takes a moment to let Jesse take a picture... Pretty cool that Jesse see's Frankie on all his vintage tapes, and now gets to meet  the "Old Master" in person.  Thanks Frankie for slowing down just enough to let Jesse take a photo he'll never forget.

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_TRU.jpg (147174 bytes)
The track is gone, but for the truck is still going strong....

05.21.06_FLEM_RE_GOO.jpg (181169 bytes)
Let's see...  signs, rolls of tickets, trophies, patches, yellow lightbulbs... and a late 70's style racecar - can only mean one thing...  Goop's apartment is empty! 
(Special thanks to Goop for stepping up in the last few days to reach out to many Flemington drivers, owners and fans  to make sure that the spirit of what Flemington means to so many, was present at the 2006 Reunion Event.  Great job Goop, and thanks also to Bill Reynolds and Roy Hunsbedt for hosting the event.)

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