"Flemington Memories"

Pictures as the end approaches....

Photos as the dismantling of Flemington begins...

a02.23.04_FRT_STR_FLM_2004_2.jpg (54290 bytes)

Through the short chute....


a02.23.04_FRT_STR_FLM_2004_1.jpg (50380 bytes)

No need for a guardrail anymore...

a02.23.04_FLM_TUR_THR_2004_1.jpg (50435 bytes)

"Let's sit in the 3rd turn tonight...."

Above provided by Bobby Armbruster


Photos of the Last Days of Flemington

Here are some photos taken during the last few events held at the Flemington Speedway during Ocotober, 2003:

10.19.03_PPL_JKT_FLM_2003_1.jpg (26625 bytes)

alway in style...

10.19.03_3OF_KND_FLM_2003_1.jpg (34015 bytes)

give 'em 1 to go!

10.19.03_DRV_MTG_FLM_2003_1.jpg (58953 bytes)

Last Driver's Meeting..

10.19.03_DWN_FRT_FLM_2003_1.jpg (49591 bytes)

#72 John Vogt

10.19.03_OPN_WHL_FLM_2003_1.jpg (43219 bytes)

Brenda Henshaw

10.19.03_PITS_FLL_FLM_2003_1.jpg (46598 bytes)

packed pit!

10.18.03_GND_STD.jpg (57677 bytes)

"Dad, Let's Pave it...."

10.18.03_PRS_BOX.jpg (51725 bytes)

Weeds win...

10.18.03_001_NYC.jpg (46559 bytes)

Woody Nyce

10.18.03_003.jpg (54338 bytes)

Ken Johnson

10.18.03_15.jpg (50329 bytes)

Goop Mondelo

10.18.03_301.jpg (46103 bytes)


10.18.03_K3.jpg (49648 bytes)

A Lester Original!

10.18.03_010.jpg (47705 bytes)

What's behind the Grill?

10.18.03_LIS.jpg (43248 bytes)

Say Hey Ray!

how_it_ends copy.jpg (36087 bytes)

Clouds over the Speedway

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