Flemington Fair Race Car Show
August 24th, 2008

A huge crowd gathers in the Race Car Exhibition area.  With the recent passing of Ed Farley, seeing the #26 reminded us all of how much Ed enjoyed these events, and how much we enjoyed the stories he would tell.

Ace Lane and Ken Kuhlman say hello to friends as driver's Ed O'Neil, Bob Rossell, Bob Banghart, Archie Meyers, Bob Pickell, Ricky Rutt and others do the same.

...just completed in time for the show, the yellow #24 Coupe brought back a lot of memories...

...especially for this guy...., Stan "The Man" Ploski looking like he'd could still get the job done behind the wheel of the coupe!

Huge crowd on hand under the big top as many of Flemington's favorites were interviewed on stage.

Some of the driver's, and other Flemington faithful on hand were Dick Cozze, Walt Emery, Bob Rossell, The Pado's Brothers, Ricky Rutt, Dirk Adrianse, Bob Pickell Jr, Bob Hanna, Charlie O'Neal, Ken Brenn Jr., Bob Banghart, Charlie Gunther, Paul Iellmini, Bob Pickell Sr., Wyatt Jacobus, Joe Inglin Jr., Joe Poliachek, Archie Meyers, Tom Vroom, Ryan Polenz, Doug Ostwald, Dave Durkasz, Dean Gullick, Stan Ploski and Carl Van Horn.  (There are others there, but that's all that we could I.D. for now!  In addition, we saw Billy Pauch, John Norcia, Ken Brenn Sr and others in attendance as well.

Speaking of Billy Pauch, here's his original 1976 Sportsman Car!  And other than the cardboard on the front bumper, it's about as original as it can be!  (see below)

(Here's Billy Pauch in Sportsman action in the same car as above during the 1976 season at Flemington Speedway)

... and here's the just completed Kevin Collin's Gremlin!

Well... racing has returned to the Flemington Fair, but this time it was the pig races...  Everyone enjoyed the event... Even the pigs!

Tas's #39, Bateman's "Active 1", Pickell's #300, Oliver's #86... just a few of the great looking cars on display.

...Just like they parked it, Hoop's #95.

George Oliver's actual #86.  Mike Stasak bought the car in pieces, and Bill Lowden Sr. and Jr. did the rest!

"The Active 1" was such a fitting car number for Olympian, and Flemington Favorite, Ray Bateman.

What a pleasure to get to say hello to Carl Van Horn in person...  We made sure to let him know how much we loved the "Vega!"

I'd bet the ranch that everyone of you know who that helmet belongs to....

Correct!  It was great to see Frankie, and we have to tell you, the Schneider display is absolutely amazing.

Speaking of Frankie, Here's Frank with daughters Diane (left), Darlene (right) and son Frankie III.

...just another part of the Schneider display, an original "All Star" Racing League helmet and matching patch!

Great to see the original Wally Marks built "Gremlin", restored by Ray Neary, out where people could see it up close.

While Ray had to do a lot of work to restore this one, he made sure that all of Wally's innovations remained intact...

You could build a college level science course on all the ideas that Wally built into this car...

A view from the inside of the #1.

Other than the tires, I don't think anything on this car wasn't hand made!  Thank you Ray Neary for saving this one.

Glad to see that Ed O'Neal hung onto his helmet all these years.

We remember Ed running in a blue #63E in the early 80's at Flemington.  Here's one of his later rides.

One great looking racecar... and another... and another...

Jesse couldn't pass up the offer to be one of the first to get behind the wheel of the #24!

Best seat in the house...  Jesse's helps me with the Vault, and has seen his share of photos of the yellow Brenn #24 coupes, so it was a real treat to get to sit in Bill Lowden Sr and Bill Lowden Jr's latest project.  Thanks guys.

Time to go home, but not before saying goodbye to Wyatt, Ace, Sammy, Ken and Stan!

Thanks to Wyatt Jacobus (Jr & Sr), Ken Kuhlman, Clint Bush and John "Goop" Mondelli and all the car owners, drivers and fans who made the show a huge success.  The Fair organizers have committed to the Race Car Exhibition and Racing Reunion to be a part of future Flemington Fair events because of the great job done by the show organizers, and the support of everyone involved! 

Great job guys!

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