Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club
Loudon, NH - May 18th & 19th, 2005
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All Photos By Nancy Shea

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Club members above (Top Row L - R): ?, ?, ?, ?, George Henshaw, Tom Fisher, Bill Force, Bob Caramella, Wayne Weaver, Rich Caramella, Frank Drogan, ?, Craig Ford, Bill Wayland, Ken Pullen, (Bottom Row L- R): ?, ?, John Malsbury, Dick Volante, Rob Jensen, Woody Nyce, Alan Jensen, Ray Shea - Nancy Shea Photo

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Here's Some of the 19 Cars That Made There Way Up to Loudon This Year!  Nancy Shea Photo

Check out the Thumbnails Below!
(All photos provided by Nancy Shea)

b06.10.05_010_LIS_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (67636 bytes)
Ray Liss
b06.10.05_002_NYC_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (72012 bytes)
Woody Nyce
b06.10.05_003_WAY_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (75754 bytes)
Bill Wayland
b06.10.05_007_SHE_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (71829 bytes)
Ray Shea
b06.10.05_009_FIS_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (70405 bytes)
Tom Fisher
b06.10.05_010_FOR_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (71154 bytes)
Bill Force
b06.10.05_0M3_MAL_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (64497 bytes)
John Malsbury
b06.10.05_12W_WEA_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (66684 bytes)
Wayne Weaver
b06.10.05_044_JEN_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (69810 bytes)
The Jensens!
b06.10.05_033_VOL_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (74030 bytes)
Dick Volante
b06.10.05_050_PUL_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (75562 bytes)
Ken Pullen
b06.10.05_064_HEN_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (74159 bytes)
George Henshaw
b06.10.05_092_FOR_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (74985 bytes)
Craig Ford
b06.10.05_937_DRO_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (70475 bytes)
Frank Drogan
b06.10.05_007_SHE_LOU_2005G_2.jpg (79054 bytes)
Ray Shea
b06.10.05_THR_TUN_LOU_2005G_1.jpg (71379 bytes)
Through the Tunnel...

Club cars on front straight2.jpg (131752 bytes)
Track Time!   Nancy Shea Photo

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