Visit to Georgetown
Brett Deyo Short Track Super Series Event

Lots of rain in the area on Tuesday caused the event to be rescheduled for Wed 8/30.  That's Ron Roberts heading into the pits.

I got there early, so had time to put a blanket down in the stands up near the top before heading over to the pits.

Neat looking track...  The size of the track kind of reminded me a little of East Windsor, only a lot more sand!

Big pit area - Georgetown is located close to the coast, so the pits are very flat...  Very laid back attitude in the pits...  Maybe it's a lower Delaware thing, but I liked it.

I'm not kidding when I say that I think this guy might have driven to the track....  This is how he entered the pits...

Brett Deyo conducts the driver's meeting.  He made sure to thank the drivers for a great turnout, and stressed moving the show along since a lot of folks drove a long way to be there, and had a long ride home ahead of them.


'Guess I'm not in Jersey anymore....  The compact truck class is pretty cool, and they put on a good show too.  20+ trucks on hand.

I was asking the driver of the #97 about the class... Some are fuel injected.  Some carbureted... Most are 4 cylinder.  Driver of the #97 is named Dale Elliott...  Told him that might be one of the coolest driver's names I've ever heard!  Dale would earn a top 10 finish later in the feature.

Another cool thing about the trucks... Not one enclosed trailer!  Just a bunch of Delaware/Maryland guys having some truck fun.

Stew Friesen's Halmar Sponsored #44.  If anyone has been up near the Tappan Zee Bridge lately, you got to see the work that Halmar does.

Brett Kressley's #19B wouldn't look as nice a few hours later.  Brett flipped coming out of turn 4 in the feature and while the #19B was twisted up, Brett got out and walked back to the pits.

Billy Pauch had the K&A Excavating sponsored #1 instead of the retro #15 that he runs at Bridgeport.

Billy Pauch Jr - Talked to him about the New Egypt Modified Championship for 2017... He's leading by a handful of points going into the last event..

Rick Laubach had the #1K for this event.  Something would happen after the heat, causing Rick to scratch from the feature.

Always good to see Jim Horton at the races.  Jim was on hand as son Jimmy was driving the Halmar #43.

Here's Jimmy climbing into the #43, also sponsored by Halmar.

Stew fires up the #44 and gets ready to head out for warm ups.

Modified warmups.  The track is about a half mile... kind of a sandy clay... and has a drop off instead of a wall/fence (except for the frontstretch) to keep anyone from straying too far from the racing surface.

I sat way down in turn 4 so that I could easily go back and forth to the pits.  Stands were fine, with plenty of room.  Announcer Jeff Alhum sounded good all night.

I liked that that the modifieds broad slide through the corners rather than hiking way up and laying over on the right side as seen elsewhere.

There were two grooves early in the night, but as the night went on, it seemed like there was one preferred line through 3 & 4 for the modifieds.

The show was well organized with Modifieds having heats/consi & feature (30+ cars), heats & feature for Sportsman, with features only for the 4 Cylinder Cars and the 4 Cylinder Trucks.

Time to put the camera away and watch some racing...  

...Oops... time for one more picture:  Trucks provided some great side by side action as the lights come on at Georgetown.

After almost 50 years of going to short tracks, I finally made my first visit to Georgetown, and hope to get back the next time Brett Deyo is having an event there.

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