Hinchliffe Stadium
September 14, 2014

The engines roar to life at Hinchliffe Stadium...

... just like they did not long after WWII.....

Noticeable improvements since our last visit including some fresh white paint for the historically significant stadium that hosted Negro League Baseball and Auto Racing events:

Joe Henshaw's "Power Lube Motor Oil Special"

Orange County Fairgrounds racecar of Jay Kosch.  Uncle Bill Kosch was behind the wheel as Jason and the crew push the #47 out of the cold pit area.

Open wheeler's run their exhibition laps....  They sounded great out there with the roar of the engines echoing off the surrounding stadium walls.

Lots of folks came out to enjoy the once a year event on what turn out to be a once a year weather day!

...There go's Joe!

Modified/Sportsman take a few exhibition laps

Lots of original and restored open wheel cars from throughout the years.

70's coupe in original condition

The Alperti White Phantom

Bill Force at the wheel

Here it is again...  I couldn't stop checking out this one.  First time I've ever seen it.

TQ's come in from their session as the midgets get ready to roll back out.

Current day TQ racer Mike Tideback

Tommy Lane gets pushed back to the pits after turning a few laps.

Tom Berry was lookin' pretty official!

...Time to head out after enjoying a nice afternoon at Hinchliffe Stadium!

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