Hinchliffe Stadium
Paterson, NJ
September 18, 2016

Drove up with Kevin Eyres, and thanks to him applying some of his Wall Stadium moves on the GSP, we actually got there early!

The weatherman tried to scare everyone away, but despite the forecast, many folks (and quite a few cars) made it out to the event.

Some new... and some not so new...

Racing legend Jack Duffy.  I got to talk to Jack about some of his experiences driving TQ's and modifieds... From the bullrings to the road course at Daytona!

I've come to the conclusion that Ace knows everybody, and everybody knows Ace!  Anywhere you go with Ace, you can't go more than a minute without someone saying hello!

The flag is raised (in the distance, near the school) as folks stand for the National Anthem.

Keith Majka holds a participants meeting and reminds all in attendance that it is an exhibition, and to respect the opportunity to take a few laps around the historic stadium.

Unique looking racer...

Blue and Gold Leaf.  Perfect.

Funky front end

Original car from back in the day...

The school building in the background has watched over a lot of things over the past 8 decades...

We met Frank who said that he watched the races seated up in the stands over his left shoulder, and on occasion, even got to sit in the press box above.

Drivers turn some exhibition laps

Jack Duffy brings the #18 in after some on track time.

There's that great looking #83 again - getting ready to be pushed off.

Dave Lounsberry gets ready to head out in the Big Donkey.

The Big Donkey back on track after about 40 years.  Although some of the frame had to be replaced, as was the coupe body, it's the real deal.

Goop doing his Larry Taylor  impression...  (you 70's Flemington guys will know what I'm talking about!)

Dave brings the #707 back in after a few laps.

Check out the engine set back....

Original cockpit

What could be saved from the original is still there.

I'm sure our chassis guys out there can tell us what kind of suspension this is... (1/4 ellipticals maybe?)

The restored Paul Deasey #707 made it's debut at the FSHS display at the 2016 Phillipsburg Dirt Track Heroes Mall Show.  For those who didn't get to see it then, or get to see it at Hinchliffe, here's the story board on the car - After it's #707 days, I'm pretty sure that the car became the George Turner #28, and then was driven by Johnny Pole.  Dave Lounsberry purchased the car from Johnny and raced it as the blue and white #18 in 1975.

The car then sat for many years, and was found at Jim Barclay's garage.   Dave, and his crew of volunteers restored the car to the original #707 "Big Donkey" version, that was driven by drivers Gerald Chamberlain and Stan Ploski.

Vintage TQ racer

Jack Duffy and the gentleman who was put "Dover Brake" being on the side of Buzzie's #00, and many others.

"#7", Modified legend Bill Wilson (right)

The call goes out for TQ's to head to the track again.

...my favorite.

I don't know the history of it, but I couldn't stop looking at it.

I learned a few weeks ago that cars from this era had 1/2 grooved tires....

I guess the way it worked was when the tread had worn down and the whole tire looked like a slick, it was time to pit!

....just plain cool.

Something about the color, and the way the # was written on this one reminded me of an AJ Foyt owned Indy car from the late 60's/early 70's

Kevin Eyres with 60's & 70's racer John Bate.  Check out John's "Ken Brenn Racing" Indy car shirt!

Mayor Jose Torres was on hand to see the event in person.  There's some great folks that would like to see the glory returned to the historic facility!

Time to head home after a great event at Hinchliffe Stadium.

Thanks to Ronny Dennis, Keith Majka, and the super team of volunteers that made the 2016 Hinchliffe Stadium Racing Expo possible!

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