Hunterdon County Fair Photos
Aug 26th, 2010

Brought to you by:
Flemington Speedway Historical Society and the following event sponsors:

Jeff Hanna's #63 Sportsman from the 80's - Fabrication done by The Lowdens, lettered by Rick Shive

Archie Myers #111, Bob Banghart's #B6 owned by Moe Pagni and Hoop Schiable's #95

Frankie Schneider's Weld Car

George Henshaw's Ken Johnson #64

The Alperti White Phantom

Beautiful Champ Car


That smile can mean only one thing...

Ray Liss's #10

Rush Racing "Harmony Heroes" Special

The tent was full of a great assortment of Flemington race cars

...nice setting to check out the cars.  Great job by the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) and event coordinator Wyatt Jacobus.

Original Billy Pauch car

Jeff Kuhl's Osmun #3

Tri State Vintage's Wyatt Jacobus #07

Beautiful Norcia #81 replica

Check out the front end on Frankie's Weld car.


...and here's the office

Dave Pratt, John McCaughey and Earl Krause

Plenty of stuff to check out....

Time for the panel discussion and question and answers

Stan Ploski answer's a question from Joe Mazza... Stan would talked about how well that first Olsen #24 got around the square...

Karl Freyer answers a question from Joe, and talks about running side by side with Tom Hager and hanging on for the modified feature win.

Great stories from Karl and Stan, and super job by Joe Mazza who MC'd the event

Flemington Speedway "Table of Champions" painted by artist Clark Angstadt... Tas, Stan, Sammy, Kenny, Jackie....

....Billy, Glenn, Billy O, Fritz....

Stan puts his "John Hancock"... his "Stan Ploski" on the beautiful work of art.

Unbelievable detail...  Clark captures it all.

There's only one thing better than the summer night air at the fair....

... and that's when there's race cars there!
Fair is on through Sunday, August 29th - Come out and see the cars and stars of Flemington Speedway!

Note:  This time of year I like to take a minute to thank Lenny Swider and Marty from The Flemington Department Store for coming up with the original "Flemington Reunion" in 2004.   The "Reunion" was hosted the following year again at the Flemington Department Store, and the following year it was moved to the Elks Lodge next to the department store, where it was a combination Reunion & Collectable's event. 

Feeling like the event was losing some of its "historical focus", John "Goop" Mondelo met with the people in charge of the Hunterdon County Fair (2007 or 2008?) and saw to it that Flemington Speedway became part of the annual Fair event.  Wyatt Jacobus, Clint Bush and the rest of the 'Tri State Vintage Memorabilia group continued the efforts at the Fair (through 2008 & 2009), and now the "Flemington Reunion" which begun in 2004, now appears to have found a permanent home.  With the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) coming on board and the continued efforts of Wyatt, Clint, Bill Hanna, Mark Harrington and many, many others, the future of the yearly event looks solid.

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