Hunterdon County Fair Photos
Aug 29th, 2010

Nothing but blue sky at the fair.

Open wheel, with and without wings, modifieds... Great representation of cars on display inside and outside of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society Tent.

The Anthony Ferraiuolo owned "King" #73.

There's no such thing as a bad picture of this car.... What a beauty.

This one caught the eye of many outside the FSHS tent.

Great looking original Bob Pickell driven #300

Here's the Cozze Coach and Tom Partite's #44 coupe - Both cars a tribute to Al Tasnady.

Joe Hall says hello to official Bob Stull

Ken Brenn Midget

Rick Polenz #3 Sprint car... There's still work to be done, but as is, the car brings back a lot of memories, and that's what the show is all about...

What a combination.... Stan and Ken Brenn Sr.

Here's #57 Augie Leiber being interviewed by Bob Stull

Along with driver Jim Horton III & iV, Car owner Jim Horton mentioned driver's Dudey Babey, Sam Beavers, Mike Grbac, Fritz Epright and Bob Pickell, all in Jim's #43.

Car owners Anthony Ferraiuolo #73 and John Norcia #81.

Anthony Ferraiuolo mentioned that early on, he ran a #7 and his brother ran a #3, so when they became modified car owners, they decided on "#73."

John Norcia spoke about driver's Billy Osmun, Sammy Beavers and Don Stives.

Bob Stull has a laugh with both Ken Brenn Sr. and Stan Ploski.

Sportsman driver Larry Burtiss #X11

Sportsman driver Bill Humphries #123

Joe Poliachek drove the "Green Stuff" #74

Ray Liss laughs as long time rival Joe Hall couldn't resist a few "boo's" when Ray was introduced...  Those two had some great battles and a lot of fun at The Square!

Speaking of Joe, he told us about how kids would give him the Power Fist Salute from the top row... One of those from back in the day was some kid named "Billy Pauch"...

All time sportsman Flemington Feature winner #24 Newt Hartman

#39 Nick Schlauch reminded us that he chose to use the #39 because of Al Tasnady in the Piscopo #39.

Clyde Cox get's interviewed by Fred Voorhees while Mike Corcoran and Dick Durica look on in the background.

#8c Ty Constantino said that they'd run Flemington on Saturday night, and if anything was left of the car, they'd take it up to Nazareth on Sunday!

Stan "The Man" Ploski and NES General Manager Danny Serrano listen to the Sportsman driver interviews at center stage.

Scott Kania answers a few questions about that cool looking #71 black and silver coupe that we all remember!

Sportsman Chauffeurs Dick Durica (#390 #44 & #1), Skip Turyonas (#8T) and Ty Constantino (#8c)

Smokin' Joe Hall and Ray Liss... (Ray told me that he once put a victory lane photo of himself in the cockpit of Joe's racer prior to heat race action just to mess with him!)

Stan Ploski Jr. and Stan III have a few words with long time fan Rob Spillatore

Flemington Department Store's Lenny Swider was able to get the best seat in the house for his son!

Special thanks to The Flemington Speedway Historical Society and the sponsors listed above for a fantastic event!

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