Hunterdon County Fair Photos
From Race Day at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society (FSHS) Tent

Aug 26th, 2012

...Modified Country USA.

Stan Ploski and Fred Loesch

Holly Harrington was busy ALL DAY at the FSHS table.

Fred Menschner, Les Katona, Mark Harrington and Gloria Katona

...nice to see my cousin "

Rich, Lester and Pete Miller have been "readying" the #24 for Stan to take a few laps...  Looking sharp!

Joe Hall, Ray Liss, Newt Hartman and Les Katona - First time they've been "4 wide" since heading down the frontstretch in '74!

John McCaughey, Bill Humphrey and Tom Alfrey

Bob Stull interviews Ken Brenn Sr. and Stan Ploski.

Clyde Cox, Ed Harrington and Phil Cox on stage

Sammy Beavers, Bob Rossell and Horace Drake have a laugh

Joe Poliacik, Bob Ayers and Manny Zilli field a few questions from Bob Stull.'s all about the memories....

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