Ledgewood Mall Show - March 10th, 2007

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_54X_3.jpg (141822 bytes)
John Keller's #54X will be the talk of the town on opening day at New Egypt!

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_54X_2.jpg (138139 bytes)
The car has been totally wrapped in vinyl and has the appearance of having a chrome base throughout the entire car with orange, black, white and yellow worked in to kind of a smokey flame pattern.  Easy to see the #s, and its also easy to see the sponsor names of J.S. Keller Construction and Valley Brook Construction on the car.  Former Motorcross racer turned Modified racer John tells us that the car was lettered by Thornton Graphix (570-562-2740).  When we asked where the"The Jersey Squirl" was this year (we featured a picture of the back of John's 2006 car that featured a crazed looking squirl), he said this year it looked too much like a badger, so they are going "squirl-less" in 2007.  (Just as well...  Without the squirl along for the ride this year, I look for John to find the smooth and fast way around early in the season at New Egypt Speedway.

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_54X_1.jpg (174062 bytes)
John, please go around the mud, ok?  It's just too pretty!

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_80.jpg (158406 bytes)
We were talking to both of the "Hackettstown Hendershots" while visiting the mall and I never checked to see if this was Mike's Modified or Bob's Sportsman.  These guys make the long tow down to New Egypt Speedway and it'd be nice to see each capture a feature win this year in their #80 racer... whichever one it is!   (update 3/11/07:  Found out this is Mike's Modified and that Bob's Sportsman will have similar sheet metal to last year car.  Good luck in 2007.)

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_111.jpg (158439 bytes)
Archie Myers' #111 was looking sharp.  The car is lettered up to reflect when Glenn Fitzcharles took a turn behind the wheel.

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_vintagesprint.jpg (141023 bytes)
Lynn Paxton sprinter.  You can't help but just wanna hear it run!

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_Karts.jpg (175626 bytes)
Performance Karting's Dan McCormack had his brand new #72 Champ Kart on display along with an offer that's too good to refuse.... see below!

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_Kart_Ride.jpg (115467 bytes)
Want to race and don't have the time or the place to field a competitive Champ Kart?   Give Danny a call!

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_Kart_24.jpg (152522 bytes)
This one caught Jesse's eye...

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_20_Kart.jpg (152427 bytes)
...and this one...

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_MICRO.jpg (171919 bytes)
...and so did this one....

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_sprint.jpg (158297 bytes)
Sprint cars, 1/4 midgets, Champ Karts...  lots to look at.

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_sprint2.jpg (132558 bytes)
Micro Sprints...

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_sprint76.jpg (150817 bytes)
... are popular all over.  Many find a good ratio between $'s spent + hours invested = a very, fun... and fast time running Micros.

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_Vette.jpg (173934 bytes)
Not sure where this one runs (Island Dragway in nearby Great Meadows?), but it was a looker for sure!

d03.10.07_Ledgewood_Nova.jpg (141117 bytes)
The old shoe box Nova or Chevy II as some call it.  Still one of my favorite hot rods.

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