A Visit to "Lightning Bodies"
Quakertown, PA

When Rick Laubach's not busy winning Modified features, you can usually catch him at his fabrication shop, "Lightning Bodies" in Quakertown, Pa

Specializing in body fabrication and race car assembly, it's the busy time of the year as teams need some finishing touches in preparation for opening day.  That's Bill Paulmenn's #99 Modified in Rick's shop getting roof work.  (Speaking of opening day, look for Rick to be driving the blue car in the background (soon to be #542) at Big Diamond on Friday's and his own #20 mostly at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday's.)

Here, Rick does some work on the roof on Paulmenn's #99 Modified as sail panels "are in" at New Egypt for 2009.

In addition to the cars in the shop, ...we couldn't help noticing the winners checks and the photos on the wall...

...Of course we had to take a closer look a the photos of some of Rick's rides...

Besides working on racecars, Rick is pretty good with a broom too.  That's Rick in New Egypt's Victory Lane after "sweeping" both the Saturday and Sunday 2008 season ending events.  We look for Rick to pick up right where he left off in 2009!

You can reach Rick by calling
Lightning Bodies (215-538-8942)

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