Lincoln Speedway Photos
June 15th, 2013

Photos by 3Wide

Get your ticket!

Grab a seat early... It'll fill up soon enough...  Here's the view looking toward the 4th turn.

...looking toward the 3rd turn

...looking toward the center of the backstretch...

...looking toward the 2nd turn

...looking toward the 1st turn

Full field of 410's

Dale Blaney

Jac Haudenschild

Lance Dewease

Jacob Allen

Aaron Ott

Brian Montieth

Brent Marks' team pushes off

Brian Montieth get's pushed off to get heat in the engine

"Beer Hill Gang"

Greg Hodnett

Logan Schuchart

Billy Dietrich

Ryan Smith

Stevie Smith

Tim Shaffer

One sharp sprinter!

Back over to the spectator side... Looks like a full house!

A trip to Lincoln isn't complete without catching a few races from the infield grass viewing area...  Every track should have this...

Fast Freddie Rahmer brings the #20s through turn 4 during time trials

The 358's line up for a qualifying heat

The sun begins to set as the 358's race through turn 3

410 heat race

Time to head back to the spectator stands on the frontstretch

A great night to be a sprint car fan. Great crowd in the stands....

...and lots of folks in the infield too.

Some of the most diehard sprint car fans in the country can be found at Lincoln Speedway every Saturday night!

See you at Lincoln!:

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