A Few Photos From Our Visit to NJ Motorsports Park on 9/28/08

Big thanks to The Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club for inviting Jesse and I to attend the event.  Great turnout of vintage cars ranging from the late 50's style, all the way up to the early 80's, followed by the ARCA 150 event on the road course. 

With all in attendance focused on the start of the main event, the crowd was first treated to a few pace laps by the GSVSCC members.  Some very interesting car/driver combinations included Elton Hildreth in the #16J, Wally Dallenbach in the #XL-1, Frankie Schnieder in the #2 Pinto and Steve Elias in the #026. 

New Jersey race fans, both young and old, got a look back into the history of South Jersey short track racing, while enjoying their visit to the newest Motorsports Park in the country!

Wally Dallenbach

Under the hood on the #XL-1

Tom Holding's and crew finished this one up just in time for the event.

Elton Hildreth and Frankie Schnieder share a few stories...

While waiting for the vintage guys to get the OK to take to the track, we checked out the sites...  Here's the ARCA garage.

The Mazda Miata's were out on the track earlier in the day and looked pretty cool...

...but Jesse thought the BMW open wheel class cars were really trick.

New Egypt Crate Sportsman driver "Stumpy" took on crew chief responsibilities on the #97.

Tom Knatiw from Speed's Dream Car Garage

ARCA cars staged for their event.

Jesse in front of former F-1 driver, now Nextel Cup bound, Scott Speed's Red Bull #2.

Elton Hildreth get's ready to pace the vintage car's in front of the crowd prior to the start of the ARCA 150.

Steve Elias heads out behind the wheel of Ralph Richard's #026.

Paul Weaver behind the wheel of the cool Pinto bodied #6A.

Butch Colosimo rolls out in the #40.

Bill Morsch in one of 3 beautiful cars that he had on hand.

Frankie takes to the track.

Elton paces the field...  Thanks to car owner Tom Holding, and those who helped Tom out in making this moment possible for Elton.

Marty Van Druten in an original Gil Hearne #12.

With ARCA cars staged in the inner pit lane, Craig Ford in the #92 waves to the crowd with Wayne Weaver #17 following closely.

Steve Elias goes by in the Jackie McLaughlin tribute car

The #24 of Rick Brochard looked great out on the big track.

Wally get's a tow in the #XL-1 as we heard he might have had drivetrain problems...  Wally always had a lot more talent than luck!

The green flag waves 0n the first stock car race at the NJ Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ.

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