Racing at Boardwalk Hall 2007
Motorsports_2007_lights.jpg (200402 bytes)
Packed house... and plenty of atmosphere here!

Motorsports_2007_Tideback.jpg (166687 bytes)
A variety of setups were used to tackle the sticky surface.  Here Mike Tidaback in his lowslung TQ runs grooved tires up front.

Motorsports_2007_Pauch_group.jpg (161989 bytes)
Billy Pauch ran the upright style Micro with grooved tires all around

Motorsports_2007_Pauch_3.jpg (126677 bytes)
Billy had his gameface on as he made a charge from the back in the "C" Main and looked like he was on a mission....

Motorsports_2007_Pauch_2.jpg (173247 bytes)
...until a mid race skirmish found Billy facing the wrong way, which meant he had to go to the back of the pack.  He made his way back up near the front, but not far enough as the laps ran out before he had made it to a transfer spot.

Motorsports_2007_Arute.jpg (103804 bytes)
Broadcaster and speedway owner Jack Arute's night ended with a meeting with the 3rd turn barrier.  (Hey... who's that on the quad?)

Motorsports_2007_Tire.jpg (176010 bytes)
Talk about determined, even with a tire headed his way, the announcer didn't put the mic down!  Good thing all of those on the infield were paying attention as the tire eventually came to a stop.

Motorsports_2007_ACEIII.jpg (178185 bytes)
Let's see... The camera... The hat... The vest...  For over 50 years, three generations of Lane's have been capturing the sport through the viewfinder so that we'd all have something to talk about!

Motorsports_2007_Yurko.jpg (121007 bytes)
Not usually found on this side of the flash, but that's award winning photographer Bob Yurko getting ready for feature time.

Motorsports_2007_Horton.jpg (129152 bytes)
Jimmy Horton watches the action from the infield.  Would have loved to see Jimmy out there in a good ride.  Ever see Jimmy drive and open wheel car?  Like I said, would have been great to see him run.

Motorsports_2007_smith.jpg (83109 bytes)
Sometimes on 4 wheels, sometimes on 3 ... sometimes on 2, the double nickel of Ryan Smith checked out in the Slingshot feature event.  At one time, it was a 2nd generation battle for the top spots as names like Smith, Hartman, Carmen, Heiber, Butler, Janisch, Wean, Housworth, Lottier and others were heard on the PA over the background noise of the engines at speed.  Just like a couple of decades ago...

Motorsports_2007_Sr_Champs.jpg (119931 bytes)
The Champ Karts were really quick on the soda syrup treated track....

Motorsports_2007_31.jpg (130999 bytes)
... But Bob Baker was in another zone.  Visions of Buck Buckley and Harry Benjamin slicing through the field at Flemington came rushing back to us all as it appeared that Bob never lifted through the turns.

Motorsports_2007_Hockey.jpg (141263 bytes)
Feature Event time for the TQ's and Micros!

Motorsports_2007_top3.jpg (144097 bytes)
Joey Payne, Lou Cicconi Jr., Stewert Freisen and John Blewett II ran within inches of each other and the inside wall.  The three cars battle hard.  It appeared on at least one of the restarts that Ciconni had gotten by Payne only to have a quick yellow erase the effort.  The two looked like they were having some fun during the yellows jesturing to each other, but it was all business once the green came out again.

Motorsports_2007_Congrats.jpg (138848 bytes)
On the last lap,  Cicconi had one move left to the inside as the 2 came out of the 4th turn with Warren Alson's checkered flag waving, but it was Payne by a few feet at the line.   Cicconi (above) reaches in to offer his congratulations as the photographers capture the moment.

Motorsports_2007_Congrats_Bl.jpg (148948 bytes)
Good sportsmanship continued as Lou Cicconi Jr. talks with Modified driver John Blewett III about his strong run.  John mentioned that he recently spent some time practicing at the indoor track at S&S Speedway.  It paid off as John made it an exciting night with his run to the front in his preliminary event and then in the feature, bringing the the open wheeler home to a 3rd place finish.

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