Sneak Peek at Motorsports 2009 Set Up
(Photos From Setup Day, Thursday Jan 15th)
Show Dates:  Fri Jan 16th & Sat Jan 17th

Members of the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC) get an early start of show setup.

The restored Tony Ferrante #X3 ramp truck with the restored #X3.

Good thing Bruce Young held onto his original hood, roof and nose...  When the original frame was located, it was a natural fit!

Wan'na see the rest of the #7...  Come see us at Convention Center!  It's a beauty.

After almost 20 years, the Treadway Superspeedway car is back thanks to Ray Shea.

This is the original car, totally restored, and driver's include those listed above.

Here's an original front engine roadster.  Anyone remember these at Trenton?

Here's the #11 driven by Ray Hendrick.

...And here's the Active 1 Tobias Taxi of Ray Bateman.

Great looking Steady Eddie Flemke coupe.

The Tobias Tribute car had a new pair of shoes!

Come to this year's Motorsports event and check out the Trenton Speedway Memories Section!

See you at this year's show - Friday Jan 16th and Saturday Jan 17th.

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