Motorsports 2010

Tad Cox #59

Jon Haegele's #61

Radical Design's booth was looking good...

Wade Hendrickson's "Leach Racing Associates" #99

Amanda Quinones #007

Photographer Howie Hodge presents Ace Lane with camera's to help get him back up and "shooting"!  Thanks Howie for the generous offer.


The jacket that never goes out of style.

Ed Lilly's Dorney Park car

Budd Olsen's "0"

First time out for the Von Dohren #126

Bobby Allison signs for fans

Wes Moody's original early 70's Langhorne coupe

"Russell" from Deadliest Catch was in the "Dangerous Red" booth.

Hoop's #95 at the Flemington Speedway Historical Society Booth

Hoop's Office

Original points board's from behind Flemington grandstands

Time to head out...  Jesse gets to be the wheelman as the Carroll Shelby driven Cadillac/Henry J. get's pushed to the trailer.

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