Motorsports 2011
..a few photos Sunday, Jan 23, 2011

Recent addition to GSVSCC from Frank Drogan - The Avis #2 driven by Kevin Eyres in the mid 80's

Woody Nyce patriotic ride

... It's all in the details...

Check out the "Gremlin" on the hood scoop...

...our version of a "Cage Cam"

Kenny Weld revolutionized short track modified racing with his designs.

Herb Stahl's "Ray Liss Built" #1

There's a story behind the lettering on the #41, and a reason why it will not be repainted...

The owner Chad Culver has another vintage car that was originally lettered by an artist named "Dix"....  When he restored the car and it became time to have it lettered, he tried to contact Dix, he found out that he had just recently passed away.  Chad ended up having another artist letter the other car...  Then this past year, Chad was able to acquire the #41 as seen above... and as lettered above.  After taking a closer look at the rear deck.....

... Chad found the "DIXIEDIDIT" signature, and realized that the #41 was also originally lettered by "Dix".
The car will remain painted and lettered just as it was found, and Dix's work will remain... Perfect.

...Jeez... there's gotta be 50 lbs of stickers on this one...

According to the wording on the nose, its an Impala SS.... We'll just have to take their word for it I guess...

Craig Von Dohren's new ride.

Craig Von Dohren's old ride.

... Interesting sponsors on the Leach Racing Associates #99...  (Some guys will use any excuse to take a vacation!)

Thanks Bill Lowden for making this photo possible.  Here Al Michalchuk checks out the "New #292" for the very first time.

Al was surprise at how much was just like would have been found on the original car (which unfortunately was scraped years ago).

Al commented on how much better the welding and fabrication was on the "New 292", but was amazed that the measurements, mounting locations and the period correct components were pretty much right in line with the original from 1972.  The best line of the day was when Al quietly said.. "It's really a little too nice...  We've got enough guys standing around here... We oughta roll it over on its side a few times to make it look more like the original."

Great moment for me listening to Newt Hartman (back to camera) reminiscing with Al about some of the battles they had back in the day at Flemington...  Here Newt explains to Al (and Gerry Chamberlain on the other side of Newt) about how Al was..., where else..., up by the wall!

Almost time to head out... Here Billy chats with Bobbi and Frankie

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