A Few Motorsports 2014 Photos
Photos by Jesse & Joe Macfarlan
Saturday January 11th & Sunday January 12th 2014
Here's a few from Saturday Jan 11th:

...never thought I'd see these again....

A thank you from the Jones Famly.

..."One and one..."  (You guys who went with your dad's will know what that means.....)

East Windsor hot shoe Johnny Leach checks out the East Windsor Speedway display.

....more signs, pictures...  All East Windsor.

Some of the folks that made it all work...

Goop approved.

Former Billy Pauch/Stan Janiszewski Falcon brought back up from Virginia just for the show...

Billy around '77 or '78 in the Falcon.

... I thought this one was long gone...

Brian Jones' #3J - Just like it last raced.

Folks check out the cars and memorabilia

Earl Krause does the starting line up for the East Windsor driver's autograph session.

Jimmy Horton, Kenny Brightbill, John Megill, Roger Laureno, Sammy Beavers, .....

Butch Jones, Bob Rossell, Al Michalchuk, Gil Hearne, Johnny Leach, Newt Hartman....

Fans were given a nice 11 X 17 East Windsor poster that featured cars and drivers from different eras.

Kenny Brightbill and Earl Krause

Back row (left to right):  Darryl Carmen, Newt Hartman, Glenn Fitzcharles, Frank Cozze, Al Michalchuk, Lee Taylor, Al Cheney
Middle row  (left to right):  John Leach, Ray Liss, Gil Hearne, Jimmy Horton, Kenny Brightbill, Sammy Beavers, Roger Laureno, Freddy Dmuchowski
Bottom row (left to right):  Bob McCollough, Bob Rossell, Butch Jones, John Megill, Ray Shea

Scott Fricks " Liss Built" Gremlin

Sleek sedan

Larry Sullivan's "Ronnie Tobias Mustang"

Studebaker powered...

Scotty dog powered.

Bright blue sedan caught our eye...

Lots  going on at the FSHS booth:

Pretzelmania #126

Joe Opit's Toby Tobias driven #44

A Hanchick & Lerch Al Tasnady driven #44 in the Wyatt Jacobus' Tri-State Vintage booth

Something a little different...

Hudson powered

Jimmy Horton talking shop

Beautiful Coupe... and it's for sale and it's a runner!

Personal favorite...  Al Michalchuk #292 (replica of the 1972/73 car raced at East Windsor, Flemington, etc - Built by Bill and Billy Lowden.)

A Few More Pictures From Sunday January 12th, 2014

Tighe Scott Racers

Daytona Car

Old school cup racing...

Racing Historians Jeff Hardifer and Larry Jendras Jr stop by the Coastal 181 booth.

Restored Jim Barkclay racer

... how it looked prior to being restored to its original colors...

...and lettered by Dennis Smith.

Craig Von Dohren's Pioneer Pole Barn #1

Billy Pauch's #1

K&A Excavating riding high on the 1/4

Neal Williams #323 was an attention grabber

Mike Everitt's #60 Over

Original George Taylor owned #93

Pauch Falcon

How it looked when the current owner got it (still as the Stan Janiszewski #76A).

Rebuilt to look like more like the Pauch driven version...

The little dash light for the gauges, and the original fiberglass hood, were 2 unique features of the original car that Stan Janiszewski easily identified.

As the car looked when Billy drove it.

Good to see this one still around. 

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