Photos From 2017 Motorsports Show
January 22nd, 2017

Stuff to look at in every direction...

Bridgeport has big plans for 2017!

Speaking of 2017, I'm not sure where Billy will be running, but the "Fatt Catt #1" is ready to go

Coastal 181 is always a must stop when at Motorsports.  That's Midget Racing legend Kevin Olson in the tan t-shirt, who was a guest of Coastal 181.

The #47 of Ron Bouchard

Lots of activity at the radical Motorsports Design - Marketing booth

Catch a Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series event at a track near you this year.  (  )

Dorney Park racer

More from Dorney Park

So original, it looks like it just came in for a pit stop....

Great looking ride.

Really cool "red" "new" vintage sedan, with hand painted lettering.

Neat display from Tri-State Vintage Racing Memorabilia

2nd generation racing photographer Ace Lane get's bunny ear'd by 3rd generation racing photographer John John Lane!

The Schneider King car, and the Norcia #81 in the Syracuse display area.

...and if you're talking Syracuse, you need to talk about the Batmobile....

...and if you are talking about the final years of Syracuse, here's a name you need to know too!

Crew Chief and TV Commentator Jeff Hammond

Original Olsonite Eagle racer Indy racer driven by Denis Hulme  (What the heck is/was Olsonite anyhow?)

Rear engine midget designed and built by Jerry Wall, now restored back to original condition.

Former Ken Brenn Sr Indy car, now owned by Gary Mondschein

The Petty fans were out....

..they got to see Richard's 1976(?) cup car....

...and they also got to see "The King" himself!  Folks lined up around the room, and down the hall...

Richard always makes it a special day for his fans.

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