"Off Track" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway August 19th, 2006

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. Crewmen Brent Tittle and Chip Morgan of Frank Cozze's #44 Modified showed early that they would be contenders for the King of the Crew Chief's timed pitstop challenge, presented by Vespia Tire & Auto Care

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Two men teams had to change a RR Tire, making sure all 5 lugs were tight.

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Driver's Jack Swain, Willie Osmun, Kory Fleming, John McClelland, and Mike Lyons sign autographs for a huge group of fans prior to their feature events.

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New Egypt's Favorite when it comes to Heating & A/C... and when it comes to racing, Ron Jon Koczon!

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Smooth as ice, Dom Buffalino back in from warm ups.

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Uncle Billy and Uncle Jesse discuss strategy for team #2b.  Dom went on to a strong 4th place finish in the Modified Feature.

c08.19.06_NES_5.jpg (97728 bytes)
Fast Rookie Sportsman driver Tom Carberry cleans a little "Warm Ups Mud" off his racecar. 

c08.19.06_NES_10.jpg (133025 bytes)

HarHard luck driver Sammy Martz does a little tire massaging prior to heat race action.  Sam had the feature won last Saturday (8/12) until losing his power steering late in the race and then the lead on the last turn of the last lap.   On Wednesday night (8/16), Sam stole the show only to have the axle break on lap 69, giving up a $6000 win.  On this night (Sat, 8/19), Sam made a strong early charged toward the front in the feature before settling for a 6th place finish.  Look for Sam to visit victory lane soon at NES.

c08.19.06_NES_12.jpg (148025 bytes)
SS Sprint Feature winner last time out looked strong again as he was the Fast Timer of the night in the SS Sprint Division.

c08.19.06_NES_7.jpg (151783 bytes)
Looks like Big Al's been playing in the mud again...

c08.19.06_NES_9.jpg (148441 bytes)
Overweight... and underfunded... kinda describes how most of us start each day...  Big Al is the best!

c08.19.06_NES_13.jpg (97232 bytes)
um... yup.

c08.19.06_NES_8.jpg (124510 bytes)
(give me a minute while I check."  ...I know they're in here somewhere...)
  Former Motocross'r, John Keller gets faster each week at NES in one of the best looking Mods around.

c08.19.06_NES_11.jpg (140864 bytes)
"Can't run coil overs on all 4 corners ...." 
(Nobody tell car builder Carl Bettinger, cause then he'd have to change his latest design... And if he had done that, then Glenn Hisko might not have gotten the big Sportsman feature win on 8/16, or the fine 4th place finish (8/19) either!  Gotta give Carl and Glenn a lot of credit for stepping away from the crowd and charting their own course.  While some speed shop components will bolt onto this one, there's some unique stuff going on underneath the #75.  Good to see some garage engineering still being used out there...  (Some of you may remember Carl driving his own orange and white #75 Modified at East Windsor during the 90's.)

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