"Off Track" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway Friday May 11th, 2007
Super Late Models, Krate 1 Sportsman, Legends, Outlaw Stocks

NES_05.11.07_2_pits.jpg (116546 bytes)
Car Count was low, but the excitement level of the features was high and most in attendance enjoyed "opening" Friday Night!

NES_05.11.07_1_clay.jpg (112250 bytes)

Winter is officially over now that Clay Butler has begun shaving once again!  Former Late Model and Sportsman driver, along with being the son of 60's and 70's Modified star Oliver Butler, Clay has the respect of the competitors at NES.

NES_05.11.07_044.jpg (110941 bytes)
Only a handful of Super Late Models were on hand, but it was enough to give everyone an idea of how exciting these cars can be.

NES_05.11.07_14_PETTY.jpg (122427 bytes)
Kenny Pettyjohn makes a few adjustments on the rear as DJ Ruppert and his grandfather Al Whitehouse check out the front.  Many will remember Al Whitehouse driving and then owning many Ford powered stockcars along with his wife Lynn throughout the 60's and 70's.   (One of our favorites was the brown and white Pinto driven by Modified Driver Bob McCollough).  After sustaining some damage in the early laps of the Super Late Model Feature, Pettyjohn in the #14 pictured above put on a heck of a side by side show with eventual winner Ricky Elliott.  Kenny had to pull it in with only a handful of laps remaining, but we're looking forward to the next one!

NES_05.11.07_17_Harrington.jpg (128641 bytes)
E.J. Harrington crew prior to E.J.going out and winning the Crate Feature in convincing style.  Many will remember the Harrington name from the Late Model class from the great dirt days of Flemington.  (Pretty sure that Ed Harrington, Clyde Cox and Phil Cox are all related, just not sure of the details...(according to Fred V, Eddie married Phil and Clyde's sister Patty).

NES_05.11.07_Cass.jpg (126260 bytes)
How many of us out there remember, "Richie Cass Haul's Azz..." (But only when he's got gas in the tank!  Richie Sr. in his stars and stripes uniform had to make a stop for some more petrol, only to have the car not want to fire back up.   By the time team #75c got her back on the track, the field had already taken the green and Richie was told to return to the pits.  I have a feeling that Richie will be making things exciting once again out there...

NES_05.11.07_2_LIEDL.jpg (149057 bytes)
Let's see... Art drives his SS Sprint... He also drives a Sportsman on Saturday Nights...   and here he is washing his Ford powered #2 prior to going out and winning the SS Sprint feature event.   One of the sports busiest and nicest guys you'll ever meet. (By the way, there's no truth to the rumor that he also drives the tow truck and makes the funnel cakes...)

NES_05.11.07_77_Wycoff.jpg (115814 bytes)
Tom Wycoff recorded a fine top 5 finish in his #77 SS Sprint, and we were riding along on the inside (above rear tire).  Tom had some overheating problems that troubled him all last year, but so far the #77 is keeping its cool this year and Tom has proven to be a top 5 driver any night he wheels the #77 out onto the track.

NES_05.11.07_747_NAGY.jpg (117757 bytes)
Kevin Nagy looks over the setup notes as he prepares the John Chemidlin owned #747 SS Sprint.  You have to respect the driving style Kevin shows behind the wheel of the #747 as he is always fast, always gets a lot out of the car, and recognizes that when it comes to open wheeled racers, rubbin' aint racin'!  Kevin raced Art Liedl hard, with Art winning this week's episode...

NES_05.11.07_FRED_BITNER.jpg (112369 bytes)
For over 4 decades, Fred Bitner had been doing this...  Making stuff go fast.   Here he's putting the tune on the Brian Nixon owned #202 driven by Fred's son Mark Bitner.  Former Go-Kart racer, turned modified racer, Mark currently runs a URC Sprinter.

NES_05.11.07_56_Weld_1.jpg (116730 bytes)
For as long as I can remember, racers have need welders...

NES_05.11.07_56_Weld_2.jpg (115767 bytes)
And for as long as I can remember, once everything is in place and positioned right where it needs to be, LOOK AWAY as the final touches are performed readying the car for action once again.

NES_05.11.07_045_Elliott.jpg (136124 bytes)
Somebody call NASA and see if all of their rockets are accounted for because this thing is a ROCKET!

NES_05.11.07_119.jpg (118041 bytes)
Former NES Super Stock Champion Rob Ormsbee has stepped up his game to the "Super" Late Model series.

NES_05.11.07_3_US2.jpg (137961 bytes)
...can still remember when my oldest son (now almost 15) referred to Pat's US#2 as "The Tooth Car" back in the late 90's.  Pat gets the most out of his Horn Dental Sponsored Outlaw Stock and had a heck of a battle going with Gary Klimeczak until slight contact in turn 2 with 5 to go found Gary spinning and a penalty being assessed to Pat at the end of the race.  It was a tough call to make and even though it stuck, we doubt that any in attendance felt that it was intentional.  More along the lines of   "one of those racing deals".  Pat prefers his wins the old fashion way:  He earns them!  Always a great competitor, a big help to other racers and also a big supporter of speedway programs including providing a vehicle for the "Kids Club" to tour the pits, its good to see Pat at NES.

NES_05.11.07_RAY_LISS.jpg (97661 bytes)
Not quite the little Gremlin with the smile face, but we couldn't pass up this photo op.   Not sure who was behind the wheel, but EWS and Flemington sportsman winner Ray LIss   is definitely a Vault Favorite.

NES_05.11.07_GOOP.jpg (110317 bytes)
Goop was flying the Pauch colors highly as he was getting around in the #15 well until some front-end damage sent him pitside.

NES_05.11.07_94_Ludwig.jpg (88950 bytes)
Brian Ludwig's ended up 2nd in the #94.  Pretty sure this is the fellow who had that way cool mid 70's Monte Carlo at Bridgeport a while back.

NES_05.11.07_ROCHELLES.jpg (162802 bytes)
The Rochelle's were on hand in the matching legends cars.  How many of you remember Paul "Sandy" Rochelle in the baby blue #CL22?

NES_05.11.07_99_Malzahn.jpg (95927 bytes)

Rodney Kistler brought the Malzahn painted Fireball #99 home first in the Legends Feature event.

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