"Off Track" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway Saturday May 12th, 2007

05.12.07_NES_1.jpg (132736 bytes)
Big Kev looks out from "Modified Row" prior to Modified warmups.

05.12.07_NES_2.jpg (142484 bytes)
Dom Buffalino and Tim "Red" Triggs as in Red's Performance Engines say hello to Video Jim.  Fresh off his modified win last week, Dom had the #2B out in front of the ticket office Meeting and Greeting early arriving fans.

05.12.07_NES_3.jpg (98268 bytes)
Rocco Infante has found the top of the charts when it comes to running the Sportsman division this year.  This is a former Jimmy Horton #42 with power coming from Bitner Automotive...  (However, since Al Whitehouse has been seen in the pits of the #JRI, we're thinking there's a Ford under that big white scoop....)

05.12.07_NES_4.jpg (129762 bytes)
Not sure if it's a result of Mutley dropping tacks, but Tad Cox has been running very strong in '07 and the place is gonna go nuts when this popular driver gets his first Modified win at NES this year.

05.12.07_NES_5.jpg (130623 bytes)
Ron Jon Koczon hops in to warm up the #RJS7 while crew member Don C makes a few last minute adjustments on the left rear.

05.12.07_NES_6.jpg (133208 bytes)
Crewmen Jack Stanley talks strategy prior to modified warmups on the Cozze #44.

05.12.07_NES_7.jpg (140446 bytes)
My vote for hardest charger of the year in the Modified Division goes to Ryan Godown.   Seems like every week he is coming from the back, and even when others find passing difficult, Ryan methodically works his way to the front.  If they ran 40 lap features, Ryan might have a few more wins already this year...

05.12.07_NES_8.jpg (115133 bytes)
Rocco Infante gives a wave as he heads out for Sportsman warmups.  Rocco backed up last week's win with a strong 2nd place finish.

05.12.07_NES_9.jpg (138560 bytes)
Billy Bauer's crew makes an air pressure adjustment.

05.12.07_NES_z10.jpg (114377 bytes)
How many remember the #32 "Sod Buster" from the late 70's and early 80's at Flemington?  Well, Danny Bouc (Gary Bouc's son) has taken to the clay in a fast way by winning 5 outta 6 Rookie races so far in 2007.

05.12.07_NES_z11.jpg (172233 bytes)
Middle School Teacher Mick Search is not used to being in such good equipment.  With sponsorship from Oliver's Communication Group, Mick has everyone "paying attention" this year in the Super Stock division.

05.12.07_NES_z12.jpg (150003 bytes)
Probably the prettiest Sportsman car in the pits, Mike Krachun is not just about looking good as he is always one of the fastest Sportsman on the track in the very cool #17K.

05.12.07_NES_z13.jpg (143158 bytes)
The Nixon's (Theresa, Bob and Robbie) get set for Modified warmups.  Robbie gets in a race here and there while busy working toward his engineering degree.  Many fans of the Vault will remember Bob Nixon in his #200 modifieds running at East Windsor and Flemington during the 70's.

05.12.07_NES_z14.jpg (131962 bytes)
Sammy Martz and Mike Hendershot chat prior to Modified warmups.  That's Sammy's dad "Jimmy Martz" who used to drive the #J47 and others in the 60's and 70's at Flemington and East Windsor heading back into the trailer.

05.12.07_NES_z15.jpg (132368 bytes)
Gene Stravinsky heads out of the pits for more action.  Gene led a lot of laps during the sportsman feature and had his sites on victory until a few late cautions opened the door for Wille O.  Gene brought the #7a home for a fine 3rd place finish.

05.12.07_NES_z16.jpg (145818 bytes)
Nothing subtle going on here...  The very fast running #704 Super Stock of Kory Fleming.

05.12.07_NES_z17.jpg (150903 bytes)
Anthony Bozowski  has really stepped it up this year and many wouldn't be surprised to see the #51C in victory lane in 2007.

05.12.07_NES_z18.jpg (170282 bytes)
"So easy a Caveman could do it...."  (Well not quite, but I think the caption on the Michael Brother's #51M driven by Keith Hoffman  reads "Fire - GOOOOOOOD")  Keith used a late race caution to bring the #51M to a fine top 5 finish.

05.12.07_NES_z19.jpg (108233 bytes)
Team #47 races in loving memory of Chuckie Carberry and Mike Grbac, and the visitors of the Vault are amongst those who will never forget these 2 fine race drivers.

05.12.07_NES_z20.jpg (132964 bytes)
I don't think its possible to get any closer to winning a modified feature and not actually have one in the bag yet this year than Tom Carberry has been in his #23.   Tom is always fast and when the track has enough bite, I don't think anyone will throw it into turn 1 any harder than Tom.

05.12.07_NES_z21.jpg (161697 bytes)
Pat Wall has already impressed many since joining the Modified ranks at New Egypt.

05.12.07_NES_z22.jpg (128813 bytes)
Bucky Kell ran up front all feature long in the #58Jr.  Good to see Bucky return to the car # that many of us remember him running back in the 80's at Flemington.

05.12.07_NES_z23.jpg (122593 bytes)
Jim Robertson has turned into a very consistent Modified runner in his self owned #85.

05.12.07_NES_z25.jpg (151441 bytes)
Unbelievable graphics on the #54X of former Motocross racer turned Modified driver John Keller.  (Thornton Graphix 570.562.2740)

05.12.07_NES_z26.jpg (155216 bytes)
Rich Rutski has had the #81 up front in the early going at New Egypt in only his 2nd year in the Modifieds.

05.12.07_NES_z27.jpg (118009 bytes)
You just never know who you might see hanging on the fence in front of the pit grandstand as crew members keep an eye on changing track conditions.

05.12.07_NES_z28.jpg (95362 bytes)
Artist Stu Popick brought some of his clay sculptures for all to enjoy and spent much of the evening working on his latest piece.  Check out Tony Stewart climbing the fence on the right...  Look for Stu's work on Dave Despain's "Wind Tunnel" when they fade to commercial and show the neat cars and items on Dave's desk.  On a recent visit, Jeff Gordan asked if it was ok to take home a cool little sculpture that Stu did of one of Jeff's early sprint car rides.  From what we understand, Jeff now has that one in his own private collection.

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