"Off Track" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway Saturday June 2nd, 2007

d06.02.07_01_WAS.jpg (133578 bytes)
No problem...  Pretty sure Dan and the guys had him back out before they went green!

d06.02.07_19_HOL_2.jpg (113708 bytes)
Landing zone. 
Click here  to see what we mean courtesy of South Jersey Dirt Racing and Video Jim.

... and here's what landed there.  It's Matt Holzbaur's #19.  Matt said it hit pretty hard on the way down, but that he was fine.

d06.02.07_19_HOL.jpg (133570 bytes)
...Lot of respect for Matt (standing on the right side of car) who called the multi-car tangle " just a racing accident."

d06.02.07_32_Bouc.jpg (127592 bytes)
Not to put pressure on this guy, but its been a while since we've seen this kind of domination by a Rookie...  Anybody remember a little white Mustang in the mid 70's at Flemington?  Congratulations to Danny Bouc on his 2007 Rookie Championship.

d06.02.07_008_SCA.jpg (112171 bytes)
zzzzzzzzzzzzz...  Not sure if race drivers count sheep, but whatever Rick Scagliotta counts, it seems to work!

d06.02.07_004_BUT.jpg (125019 bytes)
Clay Butler looking for loose change in the seat of his red #4!

d06.02.07_7D7_RAM.jpg (167575 bytes)
#7D7 Sportsman of Steve Ramsey was looking sharp.

d06.02.07_073_CHE.jpg (139807 bytes)
How'd this ever get past tech?...  Show me where in the rulebook you're allowed to get an assist from a super-hero!  Super Stock driver Al Cheney took Underdog all the way to victory lane... or was it the other way around....

d06.02.07_09_DRAY.jpg (110957 bytes)
Modified Driver Bob Drayton had air conditioning installed in his #09 for the occasion....   He wasn't sure if the cord was long enough to make it around the entire track though...

d06.02.07_003_MARTZ.jpg (146905 bytes)
Sammy Martz gets ready to role out for heat race action.

d06.02.07_44_Shep.jpg (145173 bytes)
Hi-Rise trailer parking only...  Here's the cars and trucks of Matt Sheppard, Frank Cozze and Jimmy Horton (Grosso Trucking).

d06.02.07_RJ7S.jpg (150176 bytes)
There was some serious thrashing going on in the pits of the #RJS7 after heat race action....

d06.02.07_051_HOF.jpg (114505 bytes)
It's TEO Pro for the Michael Brother's #51M driven by Keith Hoffman.

d06.02.07_Hof_Seat.jpg (111293 bytes)
Good to see the latest in seat safety technology being incorporated into today's Modifieds.

d06.02.07_81_RUT.jpg (119246 bytes)
Muttley's has a lot to snicker about as Rich Rutski has proven to be the real deal.

d06.02.07_81_RUT_1.jpg (133099 bytes)
Speaking of Rutski, here Rich gives us a wave on his way through the pits.

d06.02.07_Lyon_Strav_Dan.jpg (109049 bytes)
Reverend Dan Schafer gives Gene Stravinsky and Mike Lyons a lift back to the pits after the Rookie Graduation ceremonies sponsored by Cradle Rock Developers.

d06.02.07_GEO_GAR.jpg (121545 bytes)
Former sportsman campaigner turned Safety Director George Gareis asks if I need a lift...  How many of you remember a few years back when George and Keith Brightbill battled it out on the last lap of the sportsman feature?  (I won't tell you how that race ended, but let's just say that's probably why George is still smiling!)

d06.02.07_GOOP_SCOOT.jpg (106467 bytes)
Right now... somewhere in Berkley Heights, NJ... there's a little kid wondering where his little yellow ATV is! 

d06.02.07_7c_Cran.jpg (120985 bytes)
Scott Cranstoun took the #7C to victory in the Krate Feature.  (Yup...  same family that brought you the #65C back in the 80's!)

d06.02.07_11_KLIM.jpg (161236 bytes)
"It aint cool if you're chrome don't shine!"  Not to worry here as Gary Klimeczak's Monte runs as good as it looks!

d06.02.07_94_LUD.jpg (112296 bytes)
Bryan Ludwig had just 2 words for anybody he got in front of.....

d06.02.07_747_018.jpg (119714 bytes)
Ryan Godown and Tim Tanner at the scales after the finish of the modified feature.  Things got pretty tense between the 2 during the last 2 laps of the feature.  ( Click here to see what we mean courtesy of South Jersey Dirt Racing and Video Jim.)  

Here's my take on the whole thing... With 2 to go, Godown got a great run on the high side coming out of turn 2 and tried to take the high road around both Keith Hoffman (low groove) and Tim Tanner (middle groove).  As he attempted to pass Tanner, Tanner drifted up just enough to stop his progress (looked unintentional)...  Ryan then drove hard under Tanner going into 3 and made "racing contact" with Tanner (very aggressive move, going for position, maybe a little steamed because his momentum was shut down a straightaway before)...  Godown now was a head of Tanner as they took the white flag....  Tanner (probably very steamed) drove in hard on the low side of Godown between one and two and it looked like he let the car  carry up the track making contact with the #747, resulting in the #747 then making contact with the outside wall, but continued on.  My guess is that Tim was put back by management because while both driver's were "aggressive", his move appeared to be retaliatory 1st, and to gain a position 2nd.  

That being said, I'm glad there is still some sense of aggressiveness out there as being aggressive is part of the sport, until it becomes reckless!  I can still remember 70's driving great Ray Neary laughing a few years back when visiting NES he heard them announce a penalty over the PA system to a driver for "Over-aggressive driving."   Ray said, "Hell, I would have been fired from every ride I ever had if I ever didn't drive over-aggressively!"

I enjoy watching both of these talented driver's running as hard as they do each Saturday Night at New Egypt and hope they continue to race hard each week without taking each other out.

d06.02.07_ice_cream.jpg (114786 bytes)
Are you kidding me???  Free CARVEL ICE CREAM at Billy Bauer's pit after the races!   ...All thanks to one of Billy's sponsors who has the Carvel on Route 202 in Flemington (near the circle).  Any Cookie Puss or Fudgie The Whale in there?

d06.02.07_GEO_GAR_jr.jpg (94023 bytes)
Safety Director George Garies sure knows how to dress his kid!  That's an original folks!

d06.02.07_023_Carberry.jpg (125041 bytes)
If you spend as much time as I do looking at photos from the 60's, 70's and 80's you realize how much the "Carberry" name means to our sport.  Tom has been one of the fastest modifieds in 2007 at NES and he's one of those guys who will find something way up, almost beyond the cushion, while others didn't think there was anything left up there...

d06.02.07_008_SCA94_Ludwig.jpg (88654 bytes)
...time to hook it up to the winch.

d06.02.07_094_push.jpg (85915 bytes)
...and then when the winch doesn't work, it's time to call your friends!

d06.02.07_autographs.jpg (87453 bytes)
...and then once the old racecar's loaded, its time to sign autographs.  Thanks Brian Ludwig (#94 Outlaw Stock) for staying late and staying even later to sign autographs for some young fans.

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