"Mud Bog" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway Sunday June 3rd, 2007

IMG_7661 copy.jpg (139251 bytes)
Driver's Meeting

IMG_7680 copy.jpg (120597 bytes)
...got a feeling these guys are gonna be looking for a car wash in the near future...

IMG_7686 copy.jpg (114738 bytes)
Some serious Mudder's here...

IMG_7683 copy.jpg (128680 bytes)
Ready for the mud.

IMG_7674 copy.jpg (124322 bytes)
Cool looking ride here but the short wheel base'rs seemed to have a hard time getting through the mud pit...

IMG_7675 copy.jpg (112875 bytes)
Tractor tires helped...

IMG_7679 copy.jpg (120716 bytes)
And the longer wheel based might have helped too...

IMG_7681 copy.jpg (138733 bytes)
Biggest Jeep I've ever seen...

IMG_7676 copy.jpg (120508 bytes)
Too pretty to get dirty, but when he did, he made it through!

IMG_7687 copy.jpg (128053 bytes)
Event organizer Jadie had fun in the mud too.  The old Chevy truck made a good run through the mud.

IMG_7704 copy.jpg (119528 bytes)
Gone' Milkin' made getting through the mud look easy as it blasted from end to end!

IMG_7677 copy.jpg (120077 bytes)
Equal Justice II never got a chance at the mudd...

IMG_7678 copy.jpg (148621 bytes)
...because his teamate, Equal Justice (above) took a real scary ride....

IMG_7701 copy.jpg (122887 bytes)
...on a very fast pass, Equal Justice hooked the side of the mud pit and took a violent ride ending upside down with the engine still running.

IMG_7702 copy.jpg (95607 bytes)
The driver got out on his own and with some help from his friends, got what was left of the truck onto the flatbed.
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