"Off Track" Pictures (and a few on...) From New Egypt Speedway Saturday June 30th, 2007

If you are in any of the photos below, and would like a copy, just email us at 3wide@optonline.net
d06.30.07_NES_092_FORD.jpg (158137 bytes)
Craig Ford put his original Harry Taylor driven #92 on display nice and early, before things got hopping...

d06.30.07_NES_shep_kids.jpg (155148 bytes)
A little later, and Matt Sheppard stopped by for a quick photo with some young fans.  (As webmaster Todd from SJDR pointed out, we think there may be at least one vulcan in this group shot above...)  Kids were having fun at the racetrack and that's what matters!!!. 

d06.30.07_NES_shep_Sign.jpg (96346 bytes)
Matt also signed just about everything he was presented with during the Vespia Car Care sponsored autograph session.

d06.30.07_NES_car_sign.jpg (129703 bytes)
They were lined up to get young Sportsman driver Tom Carberry's autograph! 

d06.30.07_nes_nost_crn_sign.jpg (153072 bytes)
Young and old fans enjoy a night at the races.

d06.30.07_NES_carberrys.jpg (122774 bytes)
The Carberry's!  Many will know modified driver Tom (left) who's been fast for at least the last 25+ years including a Modified Feature win earlier this year.  That's Sr. in the middle who many fans of the Vault will know from the many modifieds he's built and wrenched since the mid 60's, and then Tommy (right) who has quickly become one of the quickest sportsman runners at New Egypt Speedway.

d06.30.07_003_TRAIL.jpg (137325 bytes)
...just happened to stop by at feeding time at the Martz trailer!

d06.30.07_nes_romano.jpg (142538 bytes)
One of John Romano's crew..... Hey, wait a minute... Looks like John jumped back into civilian clothes to become crewchief/mechanic in between his heat and feature.

d06.30.07_NES_008_Driver.jpg (126598 bytes)
Bruce Driver helps put the tune on Rich Scagliotta's #8.  Rich was on the move in the feature and finished 2nd as the event was checkered a few laps earlier than expected as the yellow were plentiful... and the fireworks were waiting....

d06.30.07_NES_Bettinger.jpg (146112 bytes)
Carl Bettinger as in "Bettinger Built" stops by to talk with Sportsman driver Will Dupree.

d06.30.07_NES_004_MECH.jpg (150641 bytes)
Gotta love the paint job on Clay Butler's #4!

d06.30.07_NES_027_Hunt.jpg (149833 bytes)
Has anyone else noticed that Dave Hunt, in the Plain Jane Black #27 flies around New Egypt?  Always exciting to watch, Dave brought the recently rebuilt #27 home to a fine 3rd place finish.

d06.30.07_NES_044_McCl.jpg (112311 bytes)
Sportsman driver John McClelland in between races.  John's already won a feature event this year a few weeks back at New Egypt will be sure to find victory lane again before season's end.

d06.30.07_NES_054_Kell.jpg (148952 bytes)
Team Keller has been running very well this year.  Still one of the sharpest looking cars up close!

d06.30.07_NES_Mar_Team.jpg (119891 bytes)
1990 Flemington Rookie Champion Sammy Martz still going as fast as ever as last week he picked up the Modified Feature win.

d06.30.07_NES_crowd.jpg (175287 bytes)
Good sized crowd on hand as everybody took their seats in anticipation of the special challenge race...

d06.30.07_NES_POLE_SHUFF_1.jpg (128484 bytes)
Matt Sheppard began things off and then one by one called out his next competitor in this very exciting series of 1 lap races.  Warren Alston gives Matt and Ron Jon Koczon the green...

d06.30.07_NES_POLE_SHUFF_2.jpg (95616 bytes)
...but it was Matt who would advance to the next round... and then the next... and then the next, until he choose some guy by the name of "Cozze"...

d06.30.07_NES_POLE_SHUFF_3.jpg (111335 bytes)
...and in exciting fashion, Frank defeated Matt which meant that Frank was the new "Sheriff in Town", given him  the choice of who to take on next as Warren Alston leans in to find out who that would be.....

d06.30.07_NES_POLE_SHUFF_4.jpg (101409 bytes)
Eventually it came down to Cozze squaring off against Ryan Godown in the final 1 lap shoot out...  Ryan made it exciting, but in the end...

d06.30.07_NES_POLE_SHUFF_5.jpg (115456 bytes)
... the familiar #44 took it all!  Congratulations to Frank Cozze and the entire #44 Team. 
Absolutely the most exciting 30 minutes you can spend at a racetrack!...

d07.01.07_044_COZ_FLM_0070_1.jpg (118133 bytes)
(We've been enjoying watching this guy run white #44's for over 30 years!)

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