"Off Track" Pictures From New Egypt Speedway Saturday August 18th, 2007
d08.18.07_Vault_Signs.jpg (99684 bytes)
Thanks to Kevin Eyres, "The Vault" actually has a name now!

d08.18.07_NES_747_Vespia.jpg (118363 bytes)
A group of fans from the evening's sponsor "Vespia Tire and Auto Centers" got a chance to meet Ryan Godown early in the evening...

d08.18.07_NES_013_COV.jpg (121607 bytes)
Crew member for Ron Coverly's team does a little body work on the rear the #TQ13 using "The Persuader...."

d08.18.07_NES_060_LAMSON.jpg (114926 bytes)
Bill Lamson from The Garden State Stock Car Club had this original Long Island Modified asphalt on hand.

d08.18.07_NES_oo5_Holding.jpg (218515 bytes)
Tom Holding had his big block #5 Coupe on display for most of the evening.

d08.18.07_12W_Weaver_.jpg (128986 bytes)
Wayne Weaver gave the #12W a good run during the vintage exhibition event.   Using real steel and a Gremlin body, this thing still weighs in a little less than one of today's mods!

d08.18.07_NES_002_HISKO.jpg (142759 bytes)
Glenn Hisko hung around in the pits to say hello to us stragglers!

d08.18.07_NES_024_SEARCH.jpg (89025 bytes)
The "Educator" Mick Search gave Jesse the best seat in the house.   Thanks Mick!

d08.18.07_NES_84B_Barney.jpg (115722 bytes)
Chad Barney has really stepped up this year to be one of the top driver's in the very competitive sportsman division.  If you look close in the "4" on the side of Chad's car, you'll see the #76 in rememberance of John Blewett III.  Chad's Uncle Dick Barney fielded the red #14 that Jimmy drove to victory on many occassions.

d08.18.07_RUT_041_Pits.jpg (132259 bytes)
Good to see Rich Rutski running up front in the modified division.  Look for Rick to get his first win real soon....

d08.18.07_RUT_GODOWN_sm.jpg (80891 bytes)
Ryan Godown (center) and Rich Rutski (right) finished one, two on the track in the modified feature. Good to see the competitors chillin' out after battling it out lap after lap on the tricky clay surface.

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