"Nazareth Speedway Memories"

A "Next To" Last Trip to Nazareth
From Robert Hanna

 In March of 1988, after about 9 months in the military, I returned home just prior to going overseas. One day, camera in hand, I went down to Nazareth to check out one of my old stomping grounds. I knew the place was going to close and not sure if I was ever going to see it again, I wanted to see it one more time - I didn't realize the treat I was going to be in for.

I arrived at the track and was surprised to see a water truck out there through the back pit entrance....it pulled off shortly after I arrived. I figured I'd walk around like I belonged there and if anyone ran me off, so be it.

I walked through the grandstand gate took a few pictures as I went...soaking up the place.

I tried to get up the hill in 3-4 but it was blocked off. I wandered down the stands and went back out to my car and drove around to the back stretch...then drove into the pits. I parked the car and walked around and I took my chance to take a picture toward turn 2...then I walked over to the front.....took a picture toward turn 1....

As I figured it was about time to go I notice a hauler pulling into the back gate...Dave Adams was there to shake his car down. I hung around a little longer, actually helped change a tire, and took some more pictures.

I just soaked up the moment watching Dave take the car around the track....I did feel home again.

I got to Nazareth one more time for the opener a couple of weeks later....but I'll never forget that day.

Robert Hanna

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