New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
Practice Day - April 7, 2010

Brought to you this week by us!

Micro Sprint standout Stef Palmai found the fast way around in her first time on the speedway in Tony P's #67K...

Speaking of Tony P, here Tony tries to keep the smoke "inside" the very fast running #175 with driver Jeff Geiges behind the wheel.

John and Ryan Simmons, have a laugh...  New number (#20) for Ryan in his sophomore year at the speedway...

Chris Grbac was using small block power to provide the motivation for the #$.

First year sprint driver Bob Sandt... This guy has driven Slingshots.. Sportsman... Mods... and now Sprints and I don't think he's even 20 yet!  Dinks will be providing the lettering soon...

First year Sportsman driver Bill Lester was getting some lap time behind the wheel of Mike Lyon's #21L

Jim Housworth gets ready to head out for a few laps in the #72.

There won't be any problem keeping an eye on Steve Wilson brightly painted #214...

The Haegele's.

Here, 2009 Crate Champion Jon Haegele waits in line for the Crate's to be called out to practice.

Looks like Crate Late Model Driver Steve Davis has a passenger in the back seat...

Trevor Lewis (on quad) discuss strategy on the Scott McLaren owned #21 URC Sprinter.

Former 70s Flemington competitor Jimmy Martz - (#51 & #J47 for those who ate a little Flemington dust back in the day....)

Brian Roemer inside the car...

....and outside!

Top secret stuff going on on the #09 Mr. Bob Special...  Heard he has a "Flush Capacitor" under there!

Rocco Infante #JR1, Ryan Simmons #20 and Bob Lineman #USA1.

Frank Cozze #44, Rick Holden #96 and Gary Butler #00 head out for Modified practice.

Kart friendly (and foot friendly) asphalt path now lines the frontstretch for the new season.

Opening Night - This Saturday - April 17th!

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