New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
April 17th, 2010
Opening Night

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The diehards didn't let a little a lot of cold keep them away...

Rookie Feature winner Jarrett Rozycki with Family and crew

Rookie Modified Cory Anderson in a good looking ride...

Ryan Watt was on hand with the #14.

The Tri Track Series brought fast running Wade Hendrickson to town...

Ralph Truppi remembered on the Brian Truppi #02. 

Tim Tanner and Gabe Fox along side Tim's Modified #18.

Outlaw Stock driver Jesse McLaughlin brought the #M52 Monte Carlo back to the pits in one piece...

... same couldn't be said for Kent Kreider's #16... Glad to see Kent ok after this one...

Chic's #7A get's towed in after heat race action...

Bob Drayton took the win in Modified heat #1

Johnny Guarino heads out for heat #2....  which he went on to take the win in!

Danny Johnson was running strong in heat #3...until a plume of blue smoke ended all the fun...  Crew pushes the #10 back to the pits...

The Hendershots...  Mike took the win in Modified heat race #3.

Frank Cozze thinks about making a few changes after heat race action.

Driver's keep an eye on the track as night falls at the speedway.

Here's Vern McLaughlin's  Outlaw Stock....

...and here's Vern McLaughlin in his #06 Modified, sponsored by Short Load Redi-Mix Concrete and Barker Bus (both out of Bridgewater, NJ)!

Vern, and his entire crew are making the big move up to Modifieds for 2010.

...and he's been getting some great advice from veteran driver Fritz Epright

Now that's one unique tow vehicle! (Sponsor "Short Load Redi-Mix Concrete")

Great to see a guy move up through the ranks...  Vern has won on asphalt and dirt in the Outlaw Stock Division and we'll follow his efforts in the Modified Division for 2010.

Dave Adams was back behind the wheel of the DA's Auto Body & Repair, Hooters Motorsports #37

Dave promotes the Tri-Track Series both outside the speedway, and from the inside of his racecar!

For 2010, Brian Ludwig #94 has teamed up with Spider Ensinger #49... 

Prior to its new paint, the #29 was driven 14 years ago by Darren Yednak at East Windsor, and is raced in his memory by driver Spider Ensinger.

Quite a few modified feature wins by these two... Pauch in the #1 and Horton in the #14.

Another view of the brightly colored #02 of Brian Truppi

Sportsman racer David Hunt returned to competition after a year absence and was flying prior to a mid feature spin exiting turn 4... Look for David in Victory Lane soon...

Mr. Bob's crew gets the #09 feature ready...

Special thanks go out to former asphalt and dirt track racer Bill Boundar who built a bunch of these cool little racecars out of wood... and then gave a bunch of them away to some very happy fans....  Here's a picture of Bill fron the early 70's at Pleasantville Speedway:

Modified driver's draw for position in front of the crowded stands...

Jimmy Horton gets interviewed by track announcer Pete Wortman during the feature draw.

Cold?...  Nah... Checkout the guy on the left...  (3 Coors = feels like 1 sweatshirt..  4 Coors = feels like a sweatshirt and a coat...  5+ beers = Hooded Parka and mittens.)

Kevin Vaclavicek got the first win of his career by winning the Sportman Feature

Kevin is congratulated by Family and friends, and by hard charging Mike Lyons (on right) who finished 2nd after battled Kevin for the win...

Congratulations Kevin

Rick Laubach exits the #7 in victory lane...

Opening night Modified Feature winner - Rich Laubach

Here's Rick with Family, Friends and Crew

Billy Pauch still made it to Victory Lane thanks to these fans...kind of...  (Check out that shirt!  Rick reminds us all of tonight's feature finishing order....)

...I don't know if this little guy will be rooting for Rick or Billy next week, but either way, it's going to be an exciting year for all at New Egypt...

Rich Mongeau starts of 2010 in a big way by winning the Outlaw Stock Feature with a late race pass over fast running John Carpenter.

Let's see... short sleeves and shorts...  I guess Danny was waiting for the really cold stuff before bringing out the long sleeves and jeans...

Thanks to Bill Miscoski, Fred Vahlsing, Danny Serano and the staff at New Egypt Speedway.
Be sure to get out and support their efforts in 2010!

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