New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
June 3rd, 2010
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Tires, Brakes, Exhaust Systems, Air Conditioning, and more.  Stop by and say hello to Tony and Jess Buffalino at their convenient location on Rt. 18 in East Brunswick, NJ - (Just north of Tices Lane & Rt. 18 intersection).

USAC "Wingless Sprints are in town...

...One really cool looking wingless sprint car...  The Tony Stewart Motorsports #20 driven by Levi Jones

More wingless cars and drivers...  Good amount of cars and stars on hand for the much anticipated mid week event. wing and lots of horsepower makes for an interesting ride around the 3/8th's speedway...

Tracy Hines' #4.... (Anyone else remember those great "Thursday Night Thunder" events they had years ago on ESPN?)

Car owner Tony P next to his #67K, which is driven by the fast running Jeff Geiges

Mark Bitner in the Bitner Automotive #15 prior to warmups... Mark would have a real solid run before it was all over....

We found this one in Billy Pauch Jr's pit....

The big block modifieds were also in the house for special show...

Frank Cozze

Rick Laubach

Ryan Godown

Tech guys George McKelvey ad Joe Szwed give us a wave... (Square tubing...  Dollar store foam padding.... quick, somebody tech that vehicle!) 

Billy Pauch Jr. gets ready for time trials

Watching... and LISTENING to one of these cars, one at a time, take time trials is one of the coolest things you can experience at a racetrack... 

...not sure of this driver's name, but he was fast all night...

....pretty cool when the announcer yelled out "OH HENRY" as driver Henry Clarke pointed both front wheels skyward coming off turn 2 during his time trial attempt.

...but when qualifying was over, it was Levi Jones posting fast time.

Time for modified heats....

Kevin Nagy heads out in the Nagy Excavating #7

Rick Laubach rolls out in the #20...

"Invader" Duane Howard takes the helmet off and the earplugs out after winning modified heat #1.

Vault thanks to Craig Paterson for displaying his 1966 Culbert Automotive Engineering sprint car which was restored a few years back by Craig and by Al Michalchuk.

Big crowd on hand for the special show as Levi Jones heads back over to the pits prior to the start of the feature.

... While most driver's stuck with riding the cushion in 3 & 4, Levi found a lot of bite down low and pulled off the victory, making it 3 wins in 3 nights.

.... who knows, if Levi was born 30 or 40 years earlier... he probably would have been driving something just like this...

He'll remember this.

... and so will he!  - Thanks Levi and USAC for stoppin' by New Egypt Speedway!

... and in the Big Block Modifieds, it was Duane Howard bringing the #4 into Victory Lane.

Duane, and the top 3 USAC Wingless Sprint drivers, sign autographs and say hello to a lot of first time fans at the speedway.

Duane, (left), Promoter Bob Miller (center) and Levi Jones (right)....  All winners on this Thursday Night at New Egypt Speedway.

The combination USAC Wingless Sprints and the Big Block Modifieds made for a great mid week show!  Thanks to all involved in making it happen.

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