New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
June 5th, 2010
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Bill Lester picks up his 3rd Rookie Feature event win.

Friend of the Vault Tim Damiani show off the latest in keep cool headwear as crew goes to work on the TSRS Sprinter... (more from Tim later...)

Kids get a chance to see winner of the 1st FASTRAK Late Model feature Steve Davis pull into victory lane.

....check out this little guy crashin' victory lane!

Little John Matthew Romano puts smiles on everyone's faces in victory lane...  Here he figures he's had enough of the photo op and heads for mom!

Problems on Mr. Bob's #09...  Bob qualified through the consi, but the team found a broken header that needed to be replaced during intermission...

P.J. Oliver makes a gear change between features.

It's time for a "Vault Quiz"... 
Question:  Who is this?
A:  Captain America 
B:  A very patriotic scuba diver 
C:  Somebody with a few loose lug nuts 
D:  Driver Tim Damiani, just shy of a helmet from climbing into his #44 TSRS Sprinter

Answer:  D.... (and maybe a little bit of  C!)
Good guy, and good racer, Tim is a strong supporter of the TriState Race Saver Series who makes the tow from NY, and always has a good time at NES.

Chargin' Chuck Palmuchi...  We were told about this guy a few years back when he was racing 270 Micro's... and he has proven to be the real deal.

"Eh Tony...  You pointin at me?"

If anyone was wondering why Stefanie Palmai wasn't at her prom last night, it was because she had a better offer!

The TriState Race Saver Sprints get staged for their feature as the Crate Sportsman Feature gets ready to go green...

TriState RaceSaver Sprints on hand for this growing class

Jimmy Spellmon pulled off the win in the Crate Sportsman main.

Jimmy is joined by his family and crew

Representatives from night Sponsor "Downs Ford" in victory lane with Jimmy

AARN's Len Sammons gets a few sound bites for an upcoming article...

And in the TSRS Sprints, the winner once again was Chargin' Chuck Palmuchi

Here's Chuck with Mom and Dad

The modifieds of Willie Osmun and Gary Butler roll begin to roll out for their feature.

...and 30 laps later, it was Tim Tanner with the victory salute.

Tim Tanner Jr. and Tim Tanner Sr. were happy to be in victory lane...

... the #18... not so happy!

Darin Henderson took the win in the FASTRAK Late Model nightcap feature...

Mom and Dad join Darin in victory lane.  Congratulations to Darin on his first win at New Egypt Speedway.

Fellow Late Model driver Steve Davis (driver of the #13) offers his congratulations as well.

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