New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
July 17th, 2010

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With most days so far this month in the 90's... the track crew still managed to get a lot of water down into the clay for a very racy surface...

Ryan Osborne makes a few adjustments under the rear of the #38 Sportsman

Sportsman driver Marc Herman won his heat and with it, braggin' rights over teamate Mike Lyon's...

The track was too slick up high for Jimmy Blewett's power move to stick in early heat race action, resulting in front and rear end damage on the Ling Trucking #X6

Dave Hunt's "#27" wasn't anywhere to be found..., but we found "Dave" in the Craddlerock Developer's #29 instead...

Mike Howardson qualified through his heat, but he's still working on getting the handle just right on the normally consistent #17H...


... What does Billy do immediately after winning his heat?  Heads up to the pit stands and watches... Everything.

Things are looking much better in the Ling Trucking camp as the crew has the #x6 back together in time for the consi.

...when you're hot, it's important to keep your cool.

...The more you find out about what's going on in the pits, the more you find out how much "good guy" Mark Blackwell from Metal Fab has helped... EVERYONE!

Big crew on hand from the local Home Depot stores (Hamilton, East Windsor, etc)...  Rocco Infante (in the middle) made them all feel very welcome during their pit tour.

...The Home Depot crew had one more request...  "Do you think we can meet Billy Pauch?"....  Here's Billy poses by the#1 for those wanting a quick photo.

Rookie racer Walt Larson gets the call as first alternate for the Sportsman Feature.

Guess Who?

New car for Frank...

...Still in top form, veteran racer Mike Lyons put on a show in the Sportsman Feature... coming up a little short, but winning over the fans in the process...

... Sometimes when you win... it's not just you who wins.

After many strong performances, with help from dad (70's racer Ebby Sr.) Ebby Ridge won his first ever feature event at New Egypt.

Ebby Ridge... Jr & Sr... in Victory Lane.

...Victory Lane is such a happy place.

..."Amateurs!" ... nah, actually, Jimmy Brown looks on as these guys were just trying to get a shot of the fan's side of Ebby's #35. 

...3 for 3...  John Carpenter in victory lane for the 3rd straight time.

Crew, car and driver... it's all clicking in the #82 camp!

Uncle Jeff helps guide the #82 Camaro out of victory lane on its way over to tech.  Congratulations again to John Carpenter.

After passing Billy Pauch for the win with 2 to go, Rick Laubach brings the #20 to Victory Lane...

...and then immediately gets out of the car and does the "runnin' high 5" to all the kids that had gathered to greet him.

With it being "Christmas in July", Mr. & Mrs. Claus provided the trophy... and the cookies.

Rick and the "Lightning Bodies #20 Team" remind us that they've been here before...

The crew from Home Depot celebrates the moment with Rick... Thanks Home Depot Crew!

Advantage Financial Mortgage Banker's Gene Stravinsky (and driving force behind the "Toys For Tots Christmas in July" event),  offers his congratulations to Rick.

Rick's making more and more fans each week...

...but these two have been fans of Rick for quite a while!

Time to head out of Victory Lane and over to Tech...

Tech had their "Open for Business" sign out as the top 3 finishers (Laubach, Pauch and McCaughey) took their place.

View from above...(looking down from the observation deck, next to the tech area).

Crew member pulls plugs out of the Enders powerplant on the Rick Laubach driven #20....

From what we hear, all cars passed so the finish stands:  #20, #1 and #91.

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