New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
July 24th, 2010

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PJ's on the fast track....

PJ in victory lane after winning the 1st of 2 Fastrak Late Model Features....

PJ, Mr & Mrs O, Crew Members and Littl' Brownie

...Styl'n in the Oliver Racing T-Shirts... PJ's very popular with the ladies...

PJ's very popular with the ladies...

Did I mention that PJ's very popular with the ladies?

Fans line up during intermission to say hello to the Legends.

Stan Ploski, Billy Pauch, Darryl Carman (hidden) and Newt Hartman sign a special Legends 2010 poster...

Here's Billy Osmun, Carl Van Horn, Wyatt Jacobus, Frank Cozze, Ken Brenn Sr., Ray Liss, Ken Brenn Jr....

This fan and his son (visiting all the way from Pittsburgh to be at the Legends event) say hello to Fritz Epright & Fred Dmuchowski

Harry Meeks with his all time favorite Stan Ploski.

Billy Osmun signs a really cool poster that featured black and white drawings of cars from the dirt days of Flemington

Here's Carl "Fuzzy" Van Horn

Fritz, looking like he should be wheelin' a mod around NES...

We missed the victory lane photo op earlier with Chris Allen Sr, so we got him to hop back into the R-2 during intermission.

Dan Mazy took his 2nd Crate Sportsman Feature win of the year.

Romance in victory lane...

Yup... Dan's got quite a few fans out there as they all help him celebrate win #2.

These guys look like their enjoying themselves!  Always great to see kids having fun at the races...

...Brian Truppi gets ready to climb out of his car and into victory lane.

Brian beat the best in the business to take his first feature event win at New Egypt Speedway.

Congratulations Brian and crew.

Fan for life!

Ralph taught them boys well...  Congratulations Brian and Mike.

Mario Page gets a cool rag and a cool drink of water before climbing out of his Speedstr in victory lane.

... Mario and friends.  (Check out the little guy's shirt!  We're told that 80's Flemington racer Dave Witte is his uncle.... great shirt!)

A very happy Mario Page makes sure to get some exposure for sponsor Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging.

Darin Henderson "drops in" to Victory Lane after winning the Fastrak Late Model Feature Nightcap...

Congratulations to Darin on his feature win.

The hard working crew from the Flemington Historical Society (FSHS) were there from beginning to end, providing info on the organization to many interested fans.

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