New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
July 31st, 2010

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Jeff Strunk heads back to his car to get ready for heat race action.

Johnny Guarino's #9 Modified

Driveshaft problems on the #X6 of Jimmy Blewett.

New axle for the #64

Seeing double.  Seeing double.

Mark Yaple fuels up son Randy's #99 Sportsman.

Dan Mazy gets ready for his modified heat.

Good sport Shannon Mongeau (left) stopped by to let Brian Ludwig know that contact on track was a racing deal... No problem as Brian "straightens" the front end...

Modified driver John Dixon

Craig VonDohren

Jeff Strunk

Tommy Scheetz

JImmy Chester

Gary Hager

John Willman

Wade Hendrickson

Driver's drew for heat race positions... Check it out... 5 modified heats!

Richie Cass checks out modified heat race action.

Moms, Dads, kids, drivers... everybody knows they're in for a good night of racing....  That's Sportsman driver Kevin Vaclavicek (lower right)... who you'll see later on...

Lot's of great items offered up as part of the Friends of Mike Chinese Auction...

Starting way back in the 2nd heat, Bob Drayton would make a strong run in the consi to qualify for the main.

Oultlaw Stock Driver Spider Ensinger offered up some Spiderman Cupcakes to teammate Brian Ludwig in celebration of Brian's birthday.

Gary Tomkins was very fast in the good looking #673.

....all fixed.

Danny  Johnson had some new sail panels added to the #10...

The #z28 of Mike Franz (lettered by Cos)

Time to remember while we're all here...

"Friends of Mike"

Vault thanks to artist Skip Dyrda (#73 painting) and artist David Allen Graul (#00 pencil drawing) for providing items for the auction.

Bill Bounder was on hand with his very popular wooden roller's, painted up like our favorites from today and yestereday.

Huge crowd takes a break during intermission....

...some got up just to mingle...

... and many headed to the concession stands...

Last year's Crate Sportsman "Friends of Mike" winner Jon Haegele had his sharp looking, "Radical Design Group" lettered #61 on display.

P.J. Oliver climbs out of his Outlaw Stock after taking the first feature win of the night. that's a BIG CHECK!

It's all smiles for the #13xXx  team.

General Manager Danny Serrano thanks the crowd for their tremendous support of the event, and reminds us all why we were there.

,,, "Hold Onto Your Hat"... It's time for the "Rogie's Rumble Match Races!

...After defeating Wade Hendrickson, Pauch picks off each by one...

... Fans watch as Pauch and Laubach square off...

... And with each win, the excitement builds....(Can Billy run the table?)   Here he flashes by, taking the win over David Van Horn.

Fan's react as Billy pulls up and calls out his next opponent - "Godown"

Ryan Godown pulls the #357 out of the infield.... and before they would get to the green, they'd bump and bang a little... getting the crowd worked up even more!

...Pauch and Godown take the green for a 2 lap shoot out.... 

Looks like Godown has the advantage going into 1... they come around to complete lap one, now it looks like Billy's got the advantage.....  The crowd is going nuts!

Coming out of 2, Godown takes the bottom groove and pulls ahead of the #1....

...but Billy's got the momentum as they rocket off of 2....

...Godown goes into 3 with a full head of steam as Pauch backs it down a notch and makes a hard left....

...Pauch pulls to the inside of the #357 as the cars work their way through turn 4....  The fans are on their feet!

It looks like a dead heat as the cars approach the start finish line..... 

The crowd wants to know... WHO WON????... (It was really that close...)

.... The crowd reacts as it's announced that Billy beat Ryan to the line...

Billy would go on to defeat Ron Jon Koczon and Frank Cozze, earning a big chunk of change (over $1000) for his efforts in the "Rogie's Rumble Match Race...."

...which made some people happy... and some not so happy... but definitely had everyone on their feet.

 Compelling, Unpredictable and Fun...  The match races were outstanding.

Found these guys showing some cool Friends of Mike sheet metal auction items (nose pieces from Fred Dmuchowski's #303, and Rocco Infante's #JR1)

... And the winner of the Friends of Mike Sportsman Feature is:   Kevin Vaclavicek!

The Family of Barbara Towles join Kevin with a "Friends of Barbara" check.  A great lady, and a true local racing fan, Barbara also helped promote our sport.

Danny offers his congratulations to Kevin

Kevin with family and friends.

Bouc Racing Engines powered the #3V to victory... Thanks Gary Bouc!

Thanks also go out to Kevin's sponsor "Fresh Pik Farm" of East Windsor.

... the winner gets the girl... and the check!  Congratulations Kevin and Jessi.

Everyone finds a seat as the modifieds head out for their 100 lap feature event.

...and at the end, it was former NES Sportsman Champion Willie Osmun who drove a very smart race (saving his tires) who earned the win over Danny Johnson!

Willie is joined by his father Billy O, after winning one of the most exciting 100 lappers ever, with Willie driving his way to the front and winning by a few car lengths over Danny Johnson.  Congratulations Willie Osmun on the huge win.

See you next week - at the races...

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