New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
August 31st, 2010

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Johnny McClelland and Mike Hendershot rumble in after modified warmups.

Richie Pratt is always fast at New Egypt Speedway in the Overhead Doors #0.

...speaking of fast, so is Ryan Watt in the #14

Here's a guy that can win on any given night - Tim Tanner Jr. hops out following warmups as the crew attends to the business end of the #18.

"Johnny Mac" (Johnny McClelland)  was glad that the "just installed" motor seemed to run pretty good... Good job Rob and crew of the #44.

Many fans have really taken notice of Johnny Guarino, with his impressive feature drives from deep in the pack, straight to the front... A lot of talent inside that #9...

With only minutes before modified heats were scheduled to roll out, Ryan Godown's crew tries to identify why the #26 shut down and won't re-fire...

Ryan sits patiently while the crew checks stuff out under the hood....

... much to the relief of Ryan and the crew, the engine re-fires on the Champion Tire, Strober-Wright Roofing #26.

... speaking of Strober Roofing #26, here's Ryan from a couple... a few... a bunch of years back!

Next up, ARDC Midget practice

Steve Buckwalter is on another frequency when it comes to getting around New Egypt Speedway in his #0...  Amazing to watch. appropriate car color for driver Alex "Bright"

Sorry, but I didn't get the name of the driver of the #17, but I did get the sponsor's name: "D&S Archery"....

Great to see Hans devices and new style seats being used by drivers in the often wild world of ARDC Midgets racing.

Driver Steve Lenig takes the easy way out... through the top!

Eric Heydenreich's #11. 

Lou Cicconi was behind the wheel of the #99.

Steve Buckwalter does a little trailer racing, explaining how he gets the #0 to do what he wants at New Egypt Speedway.

Time for the modified feature... Johnny Mac heads back to the track...

Gary Butler heads out too...  (Which reminds some of us of a time that doesn't seem all that long ago...)

(That's Gary heading out for action at East Windsor back in the late 80's/early 90's.)

There goes Johnny Guarino... Fans would once again watch an impressive charge from deep in the back, to near the front, until a last lap flat slowed Johnny's fine effort.

... But it would be Billy Pauch who would make a mid race pass of strong running Ryan Watt to take the feature win

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