New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
September 4th, 2010

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Frank's back...

Mike Barone pulls into his pit stall following modified warmups.'s thumbs up inside the Mike Lyons #21L...

...and thumbs up outside too.

In fact, with clear blue skies and comfortable temperatures for a change... it was thumbs up all over!

John Aumick and crew get the clay out from under the #38.

I'm surprised that there weren't tire tracks on the inside rear too of Bob Rambone's #18 as a heat race incident had a competitor's tire/wheel get up inside the deck.

Billy's tool kart.

Billy swings it back into his pit stall following modified warmups.

Crew asks Ron Jon what's on the "to do" list to get the #7 ready for heat race action.

Frank Cozze Jr pulls in after warm ups

The Buffalino crew decide on what changes to make following warmups.

Sammy Martz climbs from his #3.

Barney "Rubble" still hitching a ride with Outlaw Stock driver "Billy Wroble."

...(Crate driver Gabe Fox looks for the "Visor" section....)  Big crowd on hand for what would be a great night of racing.

Steve Davis takes the win in the 1st Fastrak Late Model Feature

Tom Hamill of "Hamill Flooring" joins Steve in Victory Lane.

Johnny Guarino provided lots of fans with autographed photos of his #9 during intermission.  Thanks Johnny!

...I still can't believe that Tony P was charging $2 to let people rub his head.
LOL  (Looks like business is pretty good!)

Jon Haegele took the win in the Crate Sportsman Feature in his super clean looking #61 (lettering by Jay Dugan of Radical Design Group).

Jon asks if there are any volunteers who will sit on the roof for victory lane photos....  Answer:  "ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME...."

One of the smoothest guys in the division, its always good to see Jon in victory lane.

A few "Section 6'rs" found their way to victory lane...

The Haegele's

Outlaw Stock Feature Winner Mick Search surprised us all by backing the #88C into Victory Lane, as he gets ready for some "high 5'n'.

Mick is joined here by football players and cheerleaders from the New Egypt area.

Driving the #88C, the win was dedicated to Chuck Barker, a former driver who passed away in January of this year.

Mick made sure that Chuck made it to Victory Lane. "backflips" required here...

After a really tough 2010 season to date, Frank had to be saying "It's about time!"

A mid season car and color change seems to have turned things around for Frank Sr.

Now that's a trophy!

Veteran car owner Dick Cozze congratulates son Frank on the win.  We've watched Dick Cozze's cars for a couple of years now....

Here's Al Tasnady in the Cozze Coach in the 60's's a "Cozze Coupe", driven by Stan Ploski in the late 60's

Here's one driven by Budd Olsen in the early 70's

...and a few years later (1974) Frank drove this little #44 coupe to the Flemington Rookie Title

Everybody's happy when Frank Cozze wins....  (Check out the smile on the little guy in the middle of the front row!)

Special thanks to Harry's U-PULL-IT Auto Parts ( ), Renaldo Mechanical and Bert Transmission.

More memories to last a lifetime from victory lane at New Egypt Speedway.

Frank backs the #44 out of Victory Lane

Steve Davis takes the nightcap Fastrak Late Model Feature, making it 2 for 2 on the night.

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