New Egypt Speedway "Off Track" Photos
October 16th, 2010

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The always strong running Keith Hoffman was looking for a little end of the season magic...

Good to see Dan Waisempacker back in the house...

A view from above the #7 driven by Rick Laubach

Mike Barone sporting the latest in warm headwear...  Mike wasn't feeling good, but a good running racecar made him feel a little bit better.

It's been a loooong season with only one rainout, and yet the pits were still jammed with 30+ mods, 30+ crates, 25+ sportsman, 15+ Outlaw Stocks, 19 Sprints & 9 Late Models.

Gabe Fox (WITH VISOR) and Jeff Geiges (on right) look for the source of a leak on Tony P owned Sprinter...(Tony... I told you not to use olive oil!!!)

Speaking of Tony, he had all the horses out of the barn:  The blue #67K (driven by Gave Fox), #175 (driven by Jeff Geiges) and the orange 67K driven by Stefanie Palmai.

Suspension set up ace "Rob" discuss a few last minute adjustments with driver Stephanie Palmai, her dad Nandi prior to heat race action.

Just the bare essentials...  A source of horsepower... big rear tires for traction... and a place to sit down, strap in... and enjoy the view.

Speaking of a source of horsepower, the secret to the success of the class is keeping the cost of the engine down by starting with a 305 "Charley Brown" block.

Sportsman/Sprint driver Harris Kohen would have a rough night.  Not long after this photo, Harris was involved in a serious incident prior to start of his heat race... which would require Harris to spend a few days in the hospital.  Last word is that he would be released after a few days, and will make a full recovery... The #36 on the other hand will not... 

Long time car owner John Chemidlin (Jet's jacket) took his #747 out of the barn for Sprint racer Kevin Nagy.

Here's the #747, and if you look through the sun glare on the wing, you'll see that this quick running car is for sale...

Speaking of wings, gotta make sure all those contingency sponsors are on there!

Jeff is one of my favorite drivers, but damn Jeff... you sure are making that hood look mighty big!

Mystery driver...  (Really - I took this photo as this driver was ready to back out of his pit stall and I'm not sure what car or driver it is!)

Former East Windsor racer, now current Crate driver Bob Rambone got caught up in a heat race accident... which can only mean one thing: "Gotta get it ready for the consi."

Sometimes you'll see stuff on a racecar that'll just stop you in your tracks...  It was the tribute messages on the side of the Laird #57...  Speaking of the #57...

...ok, ok... so I Photoshop'd our logo on the 1/4 panel... But if you ever heard how nasty this small block sounds on alcohol sounds, you'd want to be on it too!  Way, way cool!

No junk in this trunk!  John Carpenter has definitely had the hot hand in his #82 Camaro bodied Outlaw... (Hey, check out the suspicious looking guy in the upper right...)

Making a few adjustments on the #52

Tom Wills was on hand in the #57.... That's another name that I remember from back in the 90's at East Windsor Speedway... (Did he drive a good looking  #19?)

Now that's preemptive!

Crate racer Joe Dill qualified through his heat, but the #7 had a few pieces draggin' from the underside that would need to be fixed before feature time.

Jeff "Gansta" Kuhl... and his Posse... Livin' the life... (I didn't get a shot of it, but I heard that Jeff was sportin' "Godfather Whitewalls" on his #37 Crate racer.)

Sportsman competitor from the last of the dirt days of Flemington, and now long time Cozze Sr. crewman, Jack Stanley gets ready to back Frank out for warmups.

Jimmy III rolls makes his way over behind the backstretch prior to warm ups...

...and through the dust and smoke....

Jimmy IV does the same.

With the sun setting to the west of the speedway, Billy puts it in reverse and backs out of his pit stall.

... In 35 years, nothing stays the same, right?...

...nothing except the ability and the results of the guy behind the wheel.  Here's Billy in his rookie year (1975) at Bridgeport Speedway.

Tri State Race Saver Sprints lined up, ready to go... Pretty sure that's Bobby Sandt on the right in the dark green car.

First feature of the night finds Steve Davis in victory lane with night sponsor Hamill Flooring's Tom "Hairband" Hamill.

Steve also gave thanks to the G&M Dill Trucking crew for helping out with the Fastrak Late Model #13.  (Car was purchased from somewhere down south from what I hear...)

Steve gives the thumbs up with a few young fan as "307 Sean" watches from the side window!

Dominant Outlaw winner John Carpenter had them all covered once again...

Here's John with the girls from Hamill Flooring... (That's one heck of a business card you got there Tom!)

3 generations....  John Carpenter (center) with Uncle Jeff (right) and Grandfather John (left)

One of the best young Sportsman driver's, Dave Hunt in victory lane.

Dave gets interviewed while the well wishers look on...

Sponsors include Prime Designs Landsapes, Lighting Bodies, Paul F. Jensen Electrical Contractors, and our buds, Ben and Joe from Ben's Auto in North Brunswick, NJ!

Dave and the crew of the #27.

One great looking sprint car... and oh yea... its fast as hell too!

John Wyers took the win in the Tri-State Race Saver Series Sprint event.

...and in the modifieds, Billy battled brilliantly with Cozze, and then with a quick running Rick Laubach near the end...but in the end, it was the #1 pulling into victory lane.

Billy replays the battle with Frank.... "We give each other a lot of room..."

What other sport allows you to get this close to the action....  One of the things I love about this old sport....

Even long time race fans were shaking there head mumbling... "How does he do it?"...   Like many, I've been watching Billy win for all these years and yup, I was mumblin' too....

Billy and track hostess Chrissy...  Both great at what they do!

I really like shots like this... I can only hope that 30 years from now, some of these kids will have a copy of this picture on their desk....

More smiles with Billy in victory lane.

...and this little guy was wearing the right shirt on this night!

K&A Excavating's Kevin Bifulco and Billy were all smiles, while Roy was a little more reserved!  I think most will agree, it was one fantastic 40 lapper!

With the conclusion of victory lane ceremonies, Team #1 guides Billy out of victory lane....

...and right into the tech area, where a protest was issued...  Mean while, back in victory lane....

Fresh off winning the Crate Championship, Jim Housworth made a bold move past a fast Brian Papiez on the last lap to take the Crate Sportsman feature win.

Here's Jim in the McNichol Lawn and Property sponsored #72 with night sponsor and strong supporter of local short track racing, Tom Hamill

...and  while this was going on,  Billy begins the tear down process as the on lookers gather....

"Hey Goop.... 'Need a little help with that?"

... and 8 removed spark plugs later, along with some other checks, Billy was declared legal and the winners purse and the protest $'s now belong to Team #1.

... another night at the local short track... Time to head home.

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