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May 14th, 2011

Time to get dirty...  Thank you to Tim McGuire, Wayne Weaver and crew for bringing the restored Weld #91 to New Egypt Speedway for a little show... and tell...

2nd Rookie Feature event win for John Delmelyk

Congratulations John

The Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club (GSVSCC) cars stage for their first of two exhibition events

Richie Pratt Sr. gets ready to head out in one of his former rides...

For the first time in about 37 years, the Weld #91 getting ready to head out onto a dirt track... .... This time with Wayne Weaver at the wheel

Mike McAleer looked strong all night, winning his heat race over a real tough group of modified drivers

Crate racer Kyle Borrer had his sportsman racer on hand

...and Crate racer John Micek qualified for the Sportsman feature event - in his Crate Sportsman

Clay Butler puts some blue juice into his #4B

The Nixons.

Jason Kosch has been running strong in this great looking GB Motorsports #47

One of my favorites, and possibly the biggest race car I've ever seen... Brian Nixon really wheel's the old Buick around NES!

Ryan Beltz makes a few adjustments on the #221 Sportsman between heat and feature action.

Art Fariello in the #2 with Jimmy Weiss power under the hood.

Qualifying in the heat means french fries for everybody in the Acolia trailer... Randy looked real strong all night in the #57

Jay Kosch heads out for qualifying action

Camp Carberry

Work getting done in the Rocco Infante pit

The Weld #91 heads out...

Here Wayne Weaver #91paces alongside Richie Pratt in the #28

...and here's one of Kenny Weld in the same #91 from the mid 70's at Flemington

Wayne powers out of turn #4 ahead of Tom Holding in the orange #5

...there's no other sound like it on the planet... a big block injected modified!

We can only hope that the late Joe Pratt could hear the #91... It is because of Joe's vision,  and the efforts of Tim McGuire, that this moment was possible.

Jimmy Blewett and Matt Harrell roll out for the modified consi

Ron Jon makes a few adjustments on the Koczon Heating and Cooling #7

Everett Taylor is enjoying success, running near the front in his #P-38 in the Outlaw Stock division

...after a few adjustments, the #91 looked to be handling better in the first few laps of the 2nd exhibition event...

Still looking pretty darn clean after 2 on track sessions, Wayne told us he lost power steering after just a few laps....

Tim McGuire and crew (Chris Verachia and Guy Custer) take off the hood and find the teeth on the power steering belt stripped...  Nothing a new belt won't fix...

Lid Lifter

Nothin' subtle about PJ's tow vehicle!

We weren't the only ones to notice the Weld #91...  Billy was all smiles after coming over and checking out the #91, and he told me something I never realized...  This was Billy's favorite car.  He said that one night in the pits during his rookie year, Kenny Weld came over and started talking to him....  Here Billy was just starting out on his racing career and the "innovator", the "accomplished racer" and "car builder" KENNY WELD came over to talk to Billy...  Bill thought that was pretty cool...  The following year, Billy decided that he wanted to make his car look like this #91...  He wanted a big Gremlin body, with the same color combination... and even with the 1/4 panel window cut at the same angle...  Check it out:

Here's Billy's 1976 Gremlin you can see the influence of the Weld #91 in the body, the colors and even in the shield like symbol behind the # 's.

David Van Horn, Rick Laubach, Mike Iles and Johnny Guarino talk shop and keep and eye on the track during the brief intermission.

Mike Lyons picked up his 2nd win of the season....  A post race inspection identified a driveline infraction, but from what we hear, the win stands.

Mike has been wheelin' and dealin' for a more than a couple of years...  and always has the #21L running up front at the end.

A moment in time...  Thank you to New Egypt Speedway's staff for making it possible for the #91 to pace the modified feature.

Geiges, Fox, Palmai and Tony P...  When they're not racing or working on cars, they're still watchin'

Hard crash on the fastest part of the track caused a lot of damage to the #0 driven by Richie Pratt

Richie was ok, but the car sustained damage on all 4 corners

Liquid Lou Cicconi reaches in to offer Mike Iles his congratulations after pulling the #711 in the victory lane

In just his first year running full time at New Egypt, Mike pulled off the win over the best of the best... with Billy Pauch and Jimmy Horton finishing 2nd & 3rd

Jimmy Grbac offers his congratulations

Thank you to night sponsor Lawrenceville Ford - Lincoln - Mercury.  (Need a car, give them a call at:  609-882-2900).... or...

....check out their website:

Here's Mike and crew.  Mike said "He raced me clean but it sure did feel good to beat Billy!

For those who were around East Windsor in the 70's, you'll recognize the "Iles" name from Mike's father, Max Iles (on right)

Here's Max Iles in this mid 1970's shot from East Windsor speedway in what else, the #7-11!

Mike backs it out of victory lane...  Congratulations to the #711 team on their  NES Feature win.

Johnny Carpenter bested a fast running Dan Callamar to win the Outlaw Stock feature event.

Congratulations John

John and his grandfather in victory lane

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