New Egypt Speedway "Off Track Photos"
June 2nd, 2011
All Photos From 3Wide

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Billy Jr with his ride.... I shoul'da slapped a "3 Wide's Picture Vault" sticker on the sail panel when nobody was looking...

A strategy discussion under the back of David Van Horn's #71E

Tracy Hines gets a push

The always fast Levi Jones was a winner last time the USAC Wingless Sprints were at the track

... and that's quite a push cart Levi's got there....

Some other teams aren't quite a fancy....

Matt Jester was in town

"Look into the number...  Look... Look.....(Kinda cool, but kinda creepy all at the same time!)

The cool/creepy "Ghost Jester" #'s are the work of Michael Hubbard of Hubbard Graphics in Seaford DE.  Nice job!

Good to see some fresh faces in the house... I think this might have been Craig VonDohren???.. (can't remember!)

This might have been Danny Johnson???

Pretty sure that's Matt Harroll with Sprint racer Mike Higginbotham???

...I do know that's Ice Cream Johnny Williams - That I'm sure of!

Former Sportsman driver Dave Hunt has made a strong transition up to the modified ranks, winning quite a few heats and having some good feature finishes.

Sportsman driver
Kevin Vaclavicek might of had "something different" under the hood of the #3K to run with the modifieds...

Good race drivers are always looking for that "one more thing"...

Sticky side down, right?...  Having a laugh with David (Bobby Drayton's Crew Chief)

...Speaking of Bobby Drayton, I always give him my 2 cents worth about track conditions... which unfortunately turns out to be worth about 1/2 of that...

Give this one a listen names time it rumbles by...  My nomination for coolest sounding race car for sure - Randy Laird's Mopar powered #57

34 Modifieds on hand for the special mid-week show.

Good size crowd settles in as feature time approaches

Hunter Schurenberg  in victory lane after capturing the Wingless USAC Sprint Feature

Interview time...

Hunter and crew

Good show from the wingless sprinters...  Next up, the Modifieds

Victory Lane's festivities were held on the frontstretch but Billy was nice enough to pose for this one on the way back to his pit stall - Thanks Bill.

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